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BTB "Beyond the Breakers" at Bob Hall Pier, CC

Start Date/Time: Sunday, July 30, 2017 5:00 AM
End Date/Time: Sunday, July 30, 2017 5:00 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
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Trip Initiator: Blake Colburn

Trip Description: Offshore near Bob Hall Pier. True Beyond the Breakers Experience

[UPDATED 7-28-17] Okay folks, Friday has arrived. The only site I have been looking at that has something different than the others is Windfinder. All the other sites, for the most part, are fairly consistent. Even though Windfinder is off from the others, things still show to be doable. I am seeing surf between 1 - 2 ft throughout the day. That's a "go." The swells early morning are a little over 2 ft but are averaging at 1.5 throughout the day. I wish that it will lower even more (and it still can within the next few days) but I can work with that. The winds are topping off around 14 mph early in the morning but dropping substantially throughout the day to low single digit numbers. There is showing to be no rain to 10% so that's good. The ride out on the water may be a little bit up and down for some of you in the morning but as the day progresses, the swells should subside some making it better. What does that mean? This means that you may want to take some Dramamine if you are susceptible to motion sickness easily.

If you are used to the water, it should not be a problem. Sunday is a "Go". If something changes when I get up there on Saturday, I will definitely make another update on here or you can call me. 832-588-7091 Please don't call on Sunday morning because if things look good, I will be getting my yak ready to hit the water. If you feel that these conditions are not to your liking, I will tell you this much. Monday is looking next to flat conditions for surf/swells. You could see if anyone can stay for Monday and try things then. I have to head back Sunday so I will be unable to stick around for Monday. If I could change one thing, it would be to switch days with Monday but I know that many people work during the week. Sunday should be just fine though. For those that are spending the night on Saturday, hit me up. I'd love to meet ya. I will be getting to BHP around 3pm Saturday. Y'all have a great Friday and I will see you guys at the beach come Sunday.

Just like last summer 2016, I wanted to do something again for this summer 2017 in regards to BTB kayak fishing for new people (of course intermediate and advanced kayakers are welcome). Three years ago in July I put together a BTB trip for anyone that wanted to get out to do BTB at Surfside. This included kayakers of all levels.

It was awesome! We had a total of 34 kayakers that made it out that day. Many just went to the buoys while others went to the 5-mile rig. It was really cool to see that many yaks out on the water. Some of the people that fished off of the jettys at Surfside thought that there was a tournament going on with that many kayaks launching. Two years ago in July I ran another one of these events except it was run out of Corpus Christi another successful event was held!

This year I’m going to do it at Corpus Christi again out at Bob Hall. We all meet just south of Ball Hall Pier on the beach and make our way on out to the standpipe oil platform to try our luck at smacks, kings, and anything else that we can get into. If you are new to BTB, this would be a great trip to try out. The standpipe is not far offshore (maybe a mile) and there will be plenty of support out on the water with all the kayakers that will be fishing with us.

This is not a tournament. It's just a way to get all levels of kayakers out on the water and to have fun hanging out while fishing.

The game plan is for everyone to meet just south of Bob Hall Pier on the beach at 6:00am Sunday, July 30. We will launch around 7:00am. There will be a short meeting before hand to answer any questions by anyone. There will be plenty of experienced kayakers there that can answer anything.

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