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Lake Como or Galveston "Night Fishing"

Start Date/Time: Friday, August 10, 2018 8:00 PM
End Date/Time: Saturday, August 11, 2018 5:00 AM
Recurring Event: One time event
Day / Beginner Skill
Event Report:

Trip Initiator:  Blake Colburn

Trip Description: Night fishing on Lake Como on Galveston Island. We will be fishing the lights that are in the water.  There are several lights.  The key baits I have found to work are but not limited to:

1)  Most soft plastic (even glow baits)

2)  MirrOlure/MirroDine lures

3)  Gulp

4)  Spoons (silver particularly)

5)  Some very small crankbaits

Baits I would avoid:

1)  Popping corks

2)  topwater (ex:  spooks, skitterwalks)



How to Sign Up:  Click on the [Enroll] tab at the top to register and get on the list. Co-trip leaders are encouraged to get with Blake if enrollees of this event plan to campout too.



How to Get There:  14302 Stewart Rd, Galveston, TX 77554.  Arrival 8:00 pm and launch time is around 8:45 pm.  There is a launch fee but since we are arriving after hours, no fee is necessary.  


MAPS / Photos of Interest:  See address in the "How to Get There" section.


Texas state law requires you to have a 360 light when night fishing. (Remember to always have a PFD on the yak if you are 17 years of age or older.  If you are younger than 17 years of age, you are required to wear the PDF.)  There are cheap and expensive 360 lights you can purchase at many locations (ex:  Academy, Wal-Mart, Fishing Tackle Unlimited, Austin, Canoe & Kayak).  If you need additional information on this, be sure to consult the Texas Parks & Wildlife website:


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