Wednesday, November 5, 2008
New Officer Nominations
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As the end of the year approaches there are decisions that need to be made.  Officer elections are one of them.  There a no campaigns and no speeches or debates. All club officer positions are up for nominations - at the November meeting we will take nominations and then vote; new officers will be announced at the Holiday Feast.  If you want to get involved now is the time to step up - volunteer or you will be volunteered by one of your buddies (I speak from experience).

The officers will be semi-required to represent PACK at various functions through-out the year, participate in planning meetings and club decisions, plan and coordindate the annual tournament. lead a trip of two, keep the club and fellow officers informed. This can be a very time-consuming effort.  Their is a core group of long time members who will not let you fail (they are the PACK advisors - whom we have relied heavily upon).

These are the positions up for nomination:

President - does it all with alot of help

Vice-President (typically tournament director too) and fills in for Pres when needed

Treasurer - keeps the books straight and the typically the membership administration

Secretary - meeting minutes, etc..

We are also in need of a Programs Director - someone who will coordinate and help find speakers and guests for our monthly meetings - this is a position that you will need to volunteer for. 

If VP can't be Tournament Director - then we will need one also - lots of work - most of it contacting sponsors and coordinating venue and catering - you will have lots of help but you will need to have a plan and then execute it.

Webmaster - (not to worry) that is a 10 year position up for renewal in 2017 ..Thanks Bruce....    same goes for Publications ...  Thanks Brad


Adrian Ramos

2008 PACK President