Sunday, February 8, 2009
Moses Lake Trip Report 29 Jan 09
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Moses Lake Trip Report 29 Jan 09

Twelve anglers faced the low forties temperature at Moses Lake. Most launched by 8:00am with the rest launching after 9:30. With water temperature around 55 degrees and sunny conditions we did a lot of paddling with a few anglers enticing a bite. RedRubi ended up with a couple of keeper flounder, Sundevil96 with a slot red and a keeper flounder, and Makepeace landed a rat red but lost a flounder. 


Ronnie, Frank and Alex found a picnic table and sat down for a beer on the shore after throwing back perfectly good fish they didn't feel like dragging around or cleaning.  Adrian got there too late (beer was all gone). Adrian, Diverdoll, Miles2fish and Yake all hung around the spoils pile waiting for the bite to turn on (it never did). The weather was nice and sunny with temperatures reaching 60 degrees by noon, it made for a great paddling day (all except the paddle back to the ramps into 15 mph winds).


Gus Bandemer - Trip Leader