Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Meeting Minutes, September 18, 2007
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PACK meeting minutes, September 18, 2007
PACK opened the meeting and welcomed new members and guests. We had a total of 37 in attendance.  PACK business was reviewed including Frank C’s appeal for more participants for this weekend’s Cedar Bayou outing. A potential trip ending weather front seems to be giving us a break and allowing the trip to proceed as planned.  Volunteers were requested to work the Kayak Demo days at Fishing Tackle Unlimited this weekend. The trip to Turtle Bay was reported to have had a large turnout of 24 kayakers. Many redfish were seen, but catching was limited to a scattered few. The bite was a bit finicky with short strikes on topwaters being reported. The famous culvert struck again with one dunking but no real harm done.


Jimmy Hutto delivered the shirts and hats that were ordered with the PACK logo. Hats are still available and decals will be available soon.  Please see Jason if you were at the meeting to pick up your shirt or hat. 


Our special guest was Chester Moore, Executive Editor for Texas Fish and Game. Chester gave an excellent presentation on flounder fishing. He shared a number of tips on tackle, lure choice, presentation, tides and locations for catching flatties. A couple of the gems he discussed were the role Roseau cane plays in finding flounder and the proverbial “when to set the hook” issue. Chester also reviewed some trout tatics and ways to plan a trip.  An excellent question and answer session followed. Chester’s philosophy is to share his knowledge with all anglers and help make everyone a better fisherman. Chester encouraged us to all to take part in active role through conservation and one way is to particpate in upcoming fall two man teams that will catch flounder from the bays and bring them in alive to be given to TPWD for hatchery development. PACK will get some more information on this and see who would like to participate. Chester followed  the Q&A time with signing copies of his books.  Be sure to tune in to Chester’s radio show, Friday nites , 6-7 pm on AM 560 KlVI.. Thanks to Chester for a very interesting evening.

Ron Romeis