Sunday, June 20, 2021
June PACK Meeting Overview
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Hey all, It was good finally being able to see so many of you all in person. Sorry for this coming out a bit late. In case you missed our meeting this past Tuesday, there is a brief summary of some of the stuff that we discussed posted below. We didn’t talk about too much and it was a fairly short meeting, but we did touch on some show-and-tell items, fishing/trip reports, as well as upcoming trips. There is also some audio (CLICK HERE) if you want to listen to the in-depth discussion. 

*P.S- I did add some pictures to the audio if they were applicable as well as to help visualize some of the show-and-tell items that we talked about



    • Custom Rod Building - Mud Hole is a rod building company and they offer 2-day classes for 199$. The classes (for now) are zoom-based, but are normally held in person.  You receive everything you need to build a rod as well as beginner tools and equipment. Blaine gave it a try and made his very own custom fishing rod for redfish and trout.
    • Safety Light - This is a simple light you can make with ½” SCH40 PVC pipe, a 5v to 12v step-up converter (basically allows a USB port to be used as a 12v power supply), a backup light, a USB power bank, and a small, clear cap (I used the lid to the EXPO marker cleaning liquid). There is a youtube video someone made that I used as a guide to create my light. It still needs modifications to make it fully watertight, but it was drowned in epoxy making all the critical components completely waterproof.
    • Slop Bowl - The fishing was painfully slow with just a few half-hearted bites. Dave G. and I got there early (before sunrise) and found 0 tidal movement but LOTS of small baits. We both had a few topwater strikes, but no real commitment. Bruce and Barry showed up about an hour later and we met in the back lake, only to find no actively feeding fish. 
    • Bob Hall BTB -  About 30-35 people showed up at this BTB event. There was a wide assortment of fish caught, including many kingfish, smacks, cobia, sharks, and Jack Crevalles. Overall, it was a big success and the conditions were spectacular for BTB. 
      • IF traveling on soft sand, investing in sandboards is a great idea and could be a lifesaver if you get stuck.
    • Matagorda (in progress by the time this is published)
    • PAC - 4 night trip at the Pointe Aux Chene rentals. If there is any more interest in going, you are responsible for your own sleeping arrangements since most places have already been booked. There is also a shuttle boat that you can use for $75 which drops you off 8-12 miles into the marsh. You can use it as much or as little as you want, but Blake is going both days.
    • Lake Como - was moved so as not to conflict with the Point Aux Chene trip. Night fishing has been great lately and there have been reports of healthy trout and redfish there. Anything soft plastic and glow-in-the-dark will work great.
    • POC - Everything still looks good. We have had past PACK trips there that have been successful. There are lots of fishing areas there and there can be some special fish, such as Jacks, that can be caught there.
    • Ride the Bull - registration is open and 6 are going so far. If interested, you can sign up, but camps/lodging can be quite expensive right now.
    • The PACK fishing show could possibly happen at a future PACK event
    • Fishing gear swap - this idea was proposed where we bring lures/equipment we don't need or want and could trade it for other people's stuff


0:00 -  Meeting Starts

1:57 - Mud Hole custom fishing rods

23:40 - DIY 360 light 

26:57 - Possible PACK shirts and embroidery

28:20 - Fishing Reports (Freeport)

31:08 - Bob Hall BTB

41:40 - Upcoming trips (Matagorda Island)

43:00 - PAC

46:45 - Lake Como

50:07 - Port O’Connor

52:00 - Ride the Bull

56:00 - Meeting ends