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South Llano float with reserved cabins at base camp
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Start Date/Time: Thursday, July 13, 2023
End Date/Time: Sunday, July 16, 2023
Recurring Event: One time event
Weekend / Beginner Skill
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Trip Initiator: Gary Zulko

Trip Description:   I've reserved two cabins, from Thursday July 13th to Sunday July 16th, with direct access to the South Llano River on a 14 acre property that borders Route 377 and KC 150.  They're open space floor plans, only bathrooms are private. Cabin 1 has one queen sized bed, one full sized bed, a couch and a comfy cot if needed.  Cabin 2 has one King sized bed, a futon sofa bed and a cot if needed.  Instead of using the cots you can bring an air mattress as well.  Each cabin has a full kitchen (stove / microwave / refrigerator) with A.C., cable TV and Internet access. I'm expecting 3 people per cabin. The cost per cabin for the 3 nights will be $550 which will be split between the occupants.  You can camp on the property for $20 a night.  Campers will have access to bathrooms in either cabin. There are electrical outlets outside the cabins so you can hookup a ten fan if needed. This is not the gulf coast so humidity is not an issue (unless it rains), even in the middle of summer it's pretty comfortable at night. The South Llano river area is a internationally recognized "Dark Sky" location so you'll also have the opportunity for great stargazing.

Cabin access and bed selection will be offered in order of registration for this event.

You can find the cabins on Airbnb's website, search for Bon Ton Roulet Cabin 1 or Cabin 2 in Junction, TX.  Please contact me if you have any questions about the property.

There are several lodging options outside of the cabins. The Llano state park has RV hookups and camp sites.  You will need to check on availability of camping spots at the state parks website only a few were left for that weekend.  There are ticks around, I had to remove a few last time I camped at the park.  There are several motels in the Junction area, we stayed before at the Legends Inn, a small motel that was pretty good. I'v'e got an updated list of lodging and food locations in the area if anyone is interested.

We will be paddling two different sections on the river.  On Friday we will paddle/fish from the cabin property, before the KC 150 bridge, to the Llano State Park. This is nearly an 8 mile paddle, you can go as slow or fast as you like counting on how much you like to fish, it took me around 8-9 hours and I got in plenty of fishing. On Saturday we can take a concensus, we can either paddle from what's called the second crossing back to the cabins or paddle upstream from the second crossing to the Llano falls. These are both shorter trips than the one to the Llano State Park.

For those that will be using their vehicle to transport kayaks back to the cabins on Friday from the Llano State Park you will need to get a parking pass from the park for leaving your vehicle in the parking lot during the day.

It's the middle of summer so there will be more people on the river, by starting at sun up we beat the crowds for a while as we slowly fish our way down the river, but after 2-3 hours the traffic ramps up and you have to deal with the families and rowdy adults/teens. If people like the trip we should move it next year to the end of May beginning of June for less river traffic.

This is all based on the river flow/stage being manageable, I've contacted the State park to see if they can give us an update on the river condition as the trip gets closer and I want to see if any of the kayak outfitters than run the river daily can give us info also.

This is a paddle trip so no peddle boats, the shallower your boat floats the better, every inch counts so pack light. FYI people with a 16ft tarpon floated better than my 12ft tarpon. A flat bottom kayak or a canoe works best. I plugged my kayak's scupper holes.  Don't take your expensive Werner paddle as you will be pushing off rocks. You may need to portage your kayak over a few spots as there may be obstacles along the way. Store everything inside your kayak or tie everything down tight as you may flip over and your stuff will float away downstream.  There are kayak outfitters around to rent kayaks if you do not have a non-paddle kayak or maybe someone in the group has a spare one to lend.  Let me know your situation and we'll see what we can do.

Cell service will be very limited, ATT and T-Moble are the only ones that will probably work outside of Junction city limits. When on the river even those carriers may be unreliable.  Bring your radios. 

How to Sign Up:  After logging in and clicking on the [Enroll for this Event?] button at the top of this event page, contact Gary Zulko (Owner) via email link on the bottom left of this event page. He will update with with expected charges. But don't wait!  Open to PACK members with Dues Current first. 

How to Get There:  Bon Ton Roulet cabins are at 171 KC 150, Junction, TX right off of Route 377.

Kayak Outfitters in Junction, TX:

South Llano River Canoes & Kayaks
Junction, TX  (325) 446-2220

Tony's Kayaks
Junction, TX  (830) 609-8836

Items to bring on your kayak/canoe:

Radio, first aid kit, suntan lotion, small cooler and enough food/snacks/drinks to make it through a 7-10 hour trip.

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