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Yarborough Pass (MULTI-DAY TRIP)
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Start Date/Time: Monday, November 27, 2023 6:30 AM
End Date/Time: Wednesday, November 29, 2023 3:00 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
Weekend / Beginner Skill
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Trip Initiator:  Mark Olson


Trip Description:  

This is a fun trip that was done earlier and the fishing was amazing!  Yarborough Pass is a beginner trip and a great and easy way to catch fish but the catch is that you either have to have a 4wd vehicle or ride with someone that has one.  The pass itself is 4wd but everything else is 2wd friendly.

This is a multi-day trip.  The game plan is to arrive on Thursday evening to set up camp to start fishing on Friday and through the rest of the weekend.

The back side of Yarborough Pass leads to a body of water just on the outside of the non-preasured and famous Baffin Bay.  Baffin Bay is known for it's big trout!  The tides should be up around this time of year, therefore, giving us opportunities of redfish in the shallows.  Trout are usually easy to find and big ones at that.  I have no problems finding them on a popping cork in approximately 3 to 5 ft of water. 


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How to Get There:  

Launch time is at 6:30 am.  

Once you arrive at the entrance of the beach to PINS (Padre Island National Seashore), you can only take a right.  Set your odometer to "0" and go down 15 miles.  There will also be mile markers at five mile intervals.  Go by the mile marker but set your odometer just in case.  Once you make it down the beach 15 miles (this part of the beach is 2wd friendly), the entrance to Yarborough Pass will be there.  The pass is only 40 - 50 yards long (this is the only part that will be 4wd).  Once on the other side of the pass, the road is 2wd friendly the rest of the way.  It will be around 1.5 miles and then you will be at the camping and launch spot.

Things to remember to take when going on this trip are but not limited to traction boards, shovel, bucket, and heavy duty tow strap(s).  If you get stuck coming in or leaving, be sure to walk to the side of the dunes where others are staying and radio on chanel 69 to others at the campsite so that someone knows to come and help you.  Never leave on your own without others knowing.  Calling a tow truck is around $1,600.  This is why you want to keep others posted when you leave.  It's always best to come in or leave with another vehicle.

(((One last bit of information.  There is no celular reception once you arrive on the PINS beachline.)))

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