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Powderhorn Lake
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Start Date/Time: Friday, May 17, 2024
End Date/Time: Sunday, May 19, 2024
Recurring Event: One time event
Weekend / Beginner Skill
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Trip Initiator: Brad Valtierra, 832-771-1401


Trip Description: 


 Powderhorn Lake is located just south of Port Lavaca, and north of Port O’Connor. It connects to W. Matagorda Bay just below Lavaca Bay. The water depth ranges from about 2-5 feet with numerous sand flats, grassy areas for wade fishing, and marshes with shallow back lakes to explore. PACK has made this trip a few years back... in March / April and the fishing has always been good.  Could not get dates I wanted so May it is.  
 We used to stay at the cabins and RVs at the Indianola Marina.  But the accommidations have been run down.. We still use the Launch and the marina has food and groceries.  Great burgers, and they used to have a 10.00 steak night on Friday.   We eat on the dock and watch the fisherman on the deck.

To see more about the marina there website info is below:   http://www.indianolafishingmarina.com/

in the Past we have rented this house near Magnolia Beach.  I have rented it again and it sleeps 6.  There are 6 beds so I will limit the house to 6 or 7 if someone wants to sleep on the couch. 

House rental is 390.00 total for two nights... so $65 per person for 6 of us.   

If you plan on staying with me at the house I would like to receive a $65 deposit hold for your spot.  You will have the spot when payment is received.  If you have to cancel you will get your $ back when someone claims your spot.   I can cancel up until 1 month out... April 17th for full refund.  After that I it will be 50% refundable till May 3rd.... 

If you dont get in on time, there are also places to camp and more houses.  I can help if we are full and you need a place to stay.   There is a small hotel on magnolia beach I believe.   








How to Sign Up:


If you want to go, login, and click the link below to automatically have your name added to the list.







How to Get There:

If you want to go, contact the trip leader (or sign up at a monthly meeting) and provide: name, email address and phone number (preferably cell phone). or Register for a PACK login account and then use the Auto Enroll link above to automatically have your name added to the list below.


How to Get There:



Take 59 South to Ganado
Take Left on 172 under 59 towards 35
Take Right on Hwy 35
Left on 238
Keep Straight when you come to FM 316 (blinking light)
Keep right on Ocean Drive after the bridge
Drive to the end of the road















MAPS / Photos of Interest:







Important items:

  • VHF Radio for communication and emergency contact

  • First Aid Kit

  • Lunch, Water, snacks

  • Kayak Drift Sock





Recommended guidelines for participates:

  • Make sure trip leader or an officer has your emergency contact

  • Notify the trip leader if you have any potential concerns

  • If inexperienced, then buddy up. Make sure the trip leader knows your experience level

  • Communicate with the trip leader, if you are unsure of your skill level required

  • Member dues are current

  • Guests are invited to particpate

  • Have performed deep water entries

  • Cary a first aid kit

  • Have a life jacket

  • Have a VHF radio

  • Inform the trip leader of your float plan if planning to fish alone or longer then the designated times.

  • Sign in and sign out at the launch site. Inform the trip leader if you will be launching in a different place.


Recommended for Trip Leaders:

  • Insures proper authorizations

  • Secure sites

  • Prepare emergency preparedness plan

  • Keep abreast of weather conditions that might effect the trip

  • Point out any potential area hazards

  • Maintain a head count

  • Have available a first aid kit

  • Have a VHF radio






Launching your Kayak at the Indianola Fishing Marina is 5.00. Camping and Renting Cabins is available if you book it early enough fees can be seen at the marina website at indianolafishingmarina.com 

Fishing Options:

Fish in Powderhorn lake or out in Lavaca Bay.  Can fish Keller bay on the way home on Sunday.






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