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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
8 Mile and Sportsman Rd Trip Report - 17 Jan 09
By ramosad @ 11:24 PM :: 1300 Views

8 Mile Road – Sportsman Road Trip Report      January 17, 2009

             We had 13 members and 6 guests show up for the first trip of the year. After everyone was checked in, part of the group opted to launch at the end of Sportsman Rd. The weather was beautiful and the bay was like glass until the sun came up, then the wind gradually picked up all morning. As I was paddling out I could see the group spread out from Confederate reef area to South Deer Island and everywhere in between. The water was clear and there was no bait anywhere so I knew it was going to be a tough day of fishing. 
            Around 1:00 pm I noticed most of the group was heading back towards the cars. A few of us met up on a small shell reef where we got out and stretched our legs. We ate our lunches and discussed plan B. (No reports of anyone catching fish at this point) We decided to head towards the south shoreline and get out of the wind. Rick & I decided to go explore Sweetwater Lake. As we paddled through the entrance, we were met by a powerboat heading out. They reported catching no fish and not seeing any bait. It was not looking good. We paddled around for a while scoping out future fishing spots and decided to head back out. As we got back to the entrance of the bay we met up with Ron, Jim and Barry who also were having no luck. Ron, Rick and I decided to call it a day and headed back in.
            As I was driving home I finally got a fishing report from Adrian. He reported that a few trout and redfish were caught by the usual suspects. Brad and Bob had found some fish around North Deer Island Reef. New member Scuba Steve posted some good reports too.
            Mike Harris