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Saturday, March 7, 2009
Feb 2009 Monthly Meeting Minutes
By ramosad @ 7:26 PM :: 1567 Views


Feb 2009 PACK Monthly Meeting Minutes
1) A special monthly meeting was held at ACK Canoesport was opened with a welcome to 35 members and guests all together. There were several guests and 5 first timers.
a.   David Z
b.   Dick M
c.    Steve F
d.   Royce H
e.   Mike F
2) Adrian briefed the Responsibilities of the Trip Leaders
a.   Responsible for time, date, and location of the outing.
b.   Communication with group concerning the details of the outing.
c.    PACK Liability issues; Collect all weavers and or trip fees (insurance).
d.   Reporting; Trip Plan and follow-up Trip Report.
e.   Accountable for all of the people, leave no one behind. Know everyone’s fishing destination and anticipated return.
f.     Emergency Plan covering bad weather or injury.
3) Tournament Progress
a.   We currently have 25 confirmed sponsors, including 5 new ones. If you want to help recruit sponsors, we have a standard form letter or email for your recruiting use. Contact Adrian to make sure that you are not contacting someone that has already been contacted.
b.   Photos from last year’s tournament are making the recruiting this year easier. If you won a prize take a picture of yourself using the item. Return it to PACK for promotional purposes.
4) TKF’s Guest Speakers
a.   Ken Jennings and Adrian Ramos were guest speakers at the Jan 29 TKF Northwest Chapter meeting.  There is a long interesting history showing that PACK and TKF have some of the same roots. See Ken or Eli for the details.
5) Upcoming Events
a.   Feb 20-22 Weekend Trip – Powderhorn Lake
b.   Mar 7 - Buffalo Bayou Regatta formerly known as the “Reeking Regatta”
c.    Mar 14 – Day Trip – Colorado River Float (Milt Robertson – Trip Leader)
d.   Mar 21 – REI Paddle Demo Day at Meyer Park Lake
e.   Mar 27-29 Shoalwater Paddle-In (Eli Rivera – Trip Leader)
f.     Mar 27 – TRASH BASH at Virginia Point– contact Adrian Ramos or Dick McGonigle for more info or go to
6) Guest Speaker……………Steve Soule
a.   Jason Talley introduced Steve. He is a former guide (the Shallowist) in Florida and on the Texas upper bay system. He has a special love the West Bay area. Steve is getting back into the guide business after a short self-imposed break.
b.   Key points from Steve’s presentation
                  i.     The big fish change locations twice a year; winter and spring. Winter, look for them in deeper water. Spring, they are in the shallows.
                            ii.     When a catch turns off, walk the area, see what you can learn and how to apply the knowledge on your next outing.
                          iii.     Watch the tide flow and know your cuts/guts.
                          iv.     Pay attention to the temperatures, water and air.
                             v.     Colder temperatures bait fish do not jump but it does not mean they are not there.
                          vi.     Watch the birds. Winter watch the Loons when they surface. If they throw their head back they came up with bait fish. In summer watch the gulls.
                        vii.     Dirty water holds the temperature better. Fish the dirty water. Fish it deeper. 
                      viii.     There is usually (if deep enough) clear water below it that holds fish.
                          ix.     Tide moving fast…fish shallow. Tide moving slow….fish deeper.
                            x.     Incoming tide usually good fishing. Fish first two hours of an out going tide.
                          xi.     Fish during changes the barometric pressure. Sunny and higher barometric pressure the fish are deeper. Cloudy and lower barometric pressure the fish will be in shallow water.
                        xii.     Favorite Lures    Generally catches better fish on top water lures. Keep the lure in the water. Seldom changes out his lure once he starts fishing.
1.   Bone Spook Jr.
2.   Corky Devil
3.   Catch 2000
4.   51 series Mirrowlure
Milt Robertson