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Friday, April 2, 2010
April 20th Meeting - "Newbie Gear Night"
By mullet_key @ 12:30 PM :: 1227 Views

“Newbie Gear Night” April 20th
In keeping with our agenda plan for 2010 to have some member-driven topics to address at meetings, we want to hear from you, the guys and gals who make up PACK!   The topic of this month's meeting is called “Newbie Gear”.

In our pursuit of kayak fishing we have all devised some ingenious rigging since the sport has caught on.  We want to hear about gear and rigging that you bought, installed, perhaps even designed and built that works for you.  Or maybe it didn’t work, or it almost worked. Especially rigging you’ve installed in your “newbie” years, whether it was 10 years ago or last week. It could be for the kayak, racks, or tackle. 

So, let’s hear about it.  Contact Chris Arceneaux at with a brief description, how it works and a few photos, especially if it resulted in bigger or more fish. Bringing in actual items for "Show and Tell" are better. I like Dick McGonigle’s tool caddy on his center console!  ...maybe a live well - that actually works!

I’ll load a PowerPoint presentation with your photos and ask you to describe it to the club and initiate some discussion. We’ll list all entries on the website and will discuss 3 or 4 at the meeting. Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon.  Chris