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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Panther Point Trip Report - Oct. 22-24, 2010
By brbjr @ 4:58 PM :: 1649 Views

Panther Point Trip Report

It was a fun trip and fish were caught!  We had a total of 14 hardy adventures ready to go Friday morning at Fulton Harbor but the only thing missing was …the Skimmer.  Apparently, two weeks ago a shrimp boat had caught fire and damaged the Skimmer, Capt Moore called and said, the repairs are not complete but he is pulling the boat out to take us to Panther Point!  The boat showed up with fresh paint and still blown out windows but ready to go.  No private boats joined the trip this year.

The weather called for high winds practically all weekend but we decided to go for it.  When we got to the point after a rough crossing and missing those windows in the “small craft advisory” white cap filled bay, we found a different Panther Point.  It was in pieces, the place camp was now an island and the area next to it was also an island, we would have to camp what was the far end of the shell bar.  However, we found enough space and set up camp.  Most then decided to paddle back to the “blue house” at the mouth of Panther Lake into a 25 knot wind!  That was exhausting, but once on the protected shore we proceeded to fish, Will Henderson landed a stringer of reds, I had some blow ups and several others landed reds.

The winds howled all night, but the temperatures were perfect and no mosquitos.  Saturday everyone broke camp and headed all directions to catch fish and the reds were mostly found in the back lakes and the color was red, although topwaters worked as well.  Trout were a bit scarce.  Mike Emshoff, Eric T., Bob R., Jim R., Barry S., myself and others landed fish.

Sunday, several fisherman still had energy and were mostly rewarded with heavy stringers of reds and trout for the few hours they fished.  Gary Z landed fish over the weekend, new member Chris Busch landed a handful of undersized reds on Sunday morning.

About 4 new members joined the trip and enjoyed the trip, and learned a lot about fishing and camping and what works and what doesn’t on the Texas Coast.  New Member Jeff Langlinais, told us about fly fishing in his home state of Montana on the Big Horn for trout, hmmm, maybe a trip there is called for.

The weather reports called for potential severe thundershowers but they formed to the west of us, so we escaped any rain.  The trip back was a small adventure with some battery problems and getting stuck.  Pack members had to disembark and push the Skimmer off of Panther Point, but soon enough we were all safely back at Port.  All in all we have had better fishing, on past trip, but decent numbers of fish were caught, although the wind was up the temperatures all weekend were perfect and the water was 79 degrees, just perfect for wading.

I had a great time fishing with all of you and I enjoyed the camping and relaxing, lets hope Panther Point regenerates over the winter and spring.