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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Boliver Hilton trip report Nov. 5-7, 2010
By brbjr @ 11:36 AM :: 2214 Views
The last Boliver "Hilton" trip was before Ike devastated the area, and I was determined to make this trip the best ever, and I think we succeeded! The weather, the fish, the food, and the camaraderie all came together to make for an outstanding weekend! This is the only PACK outing where we all "camp" under the same roof with a real kitchen and bathrooms, and real beds and we made the most of it. Beats the hell out of sleeping in a tent on a beach in a thunderstorm in the middle of nowhere!
    Upon arriving early Friday, we found a brisk wind that pretty much blew all water out of the marsh. Those who fished stayed near the intercoastal or fished the surf. Buzz and Dobie caught some nice sized whiting, and Dobie claims he would have caught a nice red if his lure had not hit the fish right on the head. Chris Arseneaux snared some good size gafftops.
    Friday night we dined on a delicious brisket (if I say so myself) and other contributed side-dishes. Saturday morning we had breakfast of eggs with mushroom, onions and salami, bacon, bisquits, coffee and o.j.
    Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous with clear skies, low wind, and considerably more water in the marsh. The majority of reds were caught in the marsh, and most of them were good slot-sized. Eric and Joel immediately found a school, and for two hours pulled  out one nice red after another. Eric used soft plastics, and Joel shamelessly used live bait. Farther back in the march (near a half-submerged golf cart) Chris Busch, Mike Emshof and others caught their limits. Bob Roesing and C. Arseneaux and George tried their luck at Yates Bayou with trout, flounder and (mostly) rat reds.
    And of course Saturday night we had an outstanding community feast of Joel's blackened redfish, Chris and George's fried fish (including GAFFTOP), Bob Skufca's salad, and Dobie's meat/potato casarole, and peach pie, and St. Arnolds beer.
    Sunday, the marsh was simply boiling with bait and redfish. It seemed like the farther back we went, the more fish were there. Eric and Bruce , as usual, caught enough fish to feed half the starving children in Africa. Others had their limits as well. As noon approached, the falling tide convinced us to get out while we could. The last thing one wants to do, is find himself stuck in the mud way way back in the marsh. You WILL be sitting there til the tide returns, however long it takes.
    I should mention that PACK got a big compliment from new member Chris Busch, who is new to fishing from a kayak. He is amazed and grateful for the wealth of knowledge he is getting from fellow members. As we all know, every fishing environment has its own skills and challenges, which could take years to learn on one's own.
    It was a terrific weekend, and thanks for everyone's contributions and especially cleaning up the house!
Joel Berry