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Wednesday, August 3, 2011
By Jim R @ 5:44 AM :: 1939 Views
    The trip to the South Llano River this year brought another round of fine fishing, kayaking/canoeing and fellowship.  Approximately 16 members and guests attended this year's outting.
    About half of the group drove up on Thursday.  Some did some wade fishing in the river near the State Park and others slipped their yaks and canoes in the cool clear water for some paddling and fishing with everyone catching fish and enjoying the afternoon. 
    Friday morning Ron R, Greg, Rick and son Justin, Ron, Rene and grand-daughter Julia, Gary, Stew, Eli, Bob S, Barry and myself launched around 9:00 a.m. from KC 150 and began the approximately 8 mile float to the State Park.  A good number of fish were caught in the morning and we all stopped for a nice shore lunch around noon.  At that point, we realized we had been having such a nice calm float that we still had many miles to go. Nevertheless, everyone continued to paddle and fish at their own pace with some coming in later than 7:30 p.m.  Throughout the day, Gary was having a spectacular day of fishing while using a new and very productive plug.  Although Stew did not catch as many fish as Gary it was only because he was always busy taking pictures of Gary's fish.  While all of this paddling and fishing was going on, a good number of members and guests were arriving with some doing some wade fishing near the Park.  Indeed, Milton landed a nice fish in that area within minutes of getting in the water.  After loading the boats, most everyone headed to a local barbeque restaurant in Junction for dinner.  After dinner, some returned to their motel room while those staying in the park were able to enjoy a fine, relatively cool night under a sky filled with stars.
    Saturday morning we met at the State Park and welcomed newly arrived members and guests.  Joining us on this trip was Pecos Jack Richardson and Stew's son, Wick, who lives in Kerville.  After a safety meeting and general discussion it was decided that this would be a day,  as Ron R put it, of "all skate".  Three options of different length river paddles were offered to the group so that everyone could choose a trip suitable to their energy level.  One group, including leader Ron R, lanuched from the Telegraph crossing and floated to the second bridge, one group of experienced paddlers, inclcuding, Eli, Gary, Stew and Wick, launched from KC 150 and floated the 8 miles to the Park as they had done Friday and a third group launched from the Second Crossing and floated to KC 150.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the spectacular scenery and fishing.
    After winding up the day on Saturday, we all went into Junction for dinner and then gathered at the Legends Inn, where some of the members were staying for a very nice social gathering.  Eventually, everyone returned to their rooms at the motel or to the Park where the campers experienced another cool night under the clear, star filled sky and were Barry was paid a visit by a skunk as he sat admiring the star filled sky.  Throughout the trip we saw a great deal of wildlife, including turkeys, deer, rabbits and colorful birds.  The South Llano truly is a spectacular place which once again seemed to bring a great deal of enjoyment to all of those in attendance.