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Saturday, June 30, 2012
Trip Report-Llano River June 23, 2012
By Jim R @ 8:56 PM :: 1895 Views

JUNE23, 2012

The PACK outting to the LLano River this year consisted of four participants from
the 70+ division and two participants from the under 20 division.  The under 20 participants
were Paula's son, John and Greg and Rene's grand-daughter, Julia. We were glad to have them both.
Additionally, on Saturday, we were joined by Stew's son Wick and it was also good to have him along.

Sixteen participants drove up Thursday and were ready to paddle Friday morning.
On Friday, the group shuttled up to the second crossing, launched and begin
a down stream paddle on a beautiful river.  Although the river was somewhat stained in places
due to recent rains, the fish were in the typical places which were under shade trees
and, at times, in the deeper water.  Within minutes, Gary Z was hooked up in a battle
with what turned out to be a large cat fish.  Gary caught the cat fish on a small plug
while using a spinning rod.  Not to be outdone, Stew, was shortly hooked up with not one
but two nice fish on the same lure and on the same cast.  Yes, it's true, he caught
two fish on the same lure on the same cast.  However, Gary said he was not too impressed
as neither of Stew's fish had whiskers.

As the day progressed everyone caught fish, consisting primarily of bass and pan fish and enjoyed the day which included a nice shore lunch. Fish were caught on both flies and light spinning tackle.
The group paddled down the river and eventually exited at the KC150 crossing to head
back to the motel/camp to clean up for dinner. About 7:30, we all met at a local restaurant
for a nice dinner.  Terri, however, was unable to make it as she had a flat tire
in San Antonio and was busy getting that situation resolved.  Terri eventually made it
to Junction and arrived late Friday night.

Saturday morning, the group met at 8:30 a.m. to begin the official PACK outting on the river and
after a short safety meeting, the group headed to the second crossing which is further up
the river from the location of the Friday launch.  The kayaks were unloaded and the trip
began by going up stream against the current. The water on this day and at this location was much more clear.  This was a new route for our group and the target destination was the LLano River Water Falls which is the water fall featured on the Pearl Beer can.  Some of the group paddled, fished and eventually returned to the launch spot without going all the way up to the water falls.  Along the way, Terri showed the group a nice peacock she caught and everyone had a nice shore luch in the middle of stunning scenery.  For those who made it to the Falls, they saw a spectacular scene and most
stood in awe just taking in the magnificant scenery. It was just incredible to have paddled
to such a spectacular destination.

At the end of the day on Saturday, the group got together at a restaurant in Junction for dinner
and then enjoyed a social hour before heading to bed. On Sunday everyone had a nice leisurely
morning and then headed back home.

As has been the case with past trips to the South LLano River, everyone seemed to enjoy the fishing, the spectacular scenery and comradrie of being outdoors with good friends.

Jim Richards