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Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Trip Report Keller Bay February 23-24
By bvaltierra @ 9:49 PM :: 1225 Views

There were 11 anglers on Keller bay this weekend.  7 PACK Members and 4 guests

Friday Night there were 5 of us staying at Marks House on Carancahua Bay. Thank You Mark for hosting us at your house. John F camped in the front yard to enjoy the cool evening. 

We met up at the launch at 7am and headed out.  Bruce, Bonnie and Chris paddled to the south shore moving quickly past the grass areas on the way.  The wind was out of the north at about 10 mph so it helped us venture down the eastern shoreline.   Several of us fished periodically and found quite a few small trout.  We did not catch them in the numbers we have in the past but we managed to pull out 15 keeper trout and a Red.  There were times when we were pulling two at a time out, but only to release them as they were too small.  Danny was fly fishing and found 7 trout and 1 red.  All too short for the table. 

Six of us reconvened at Marks house and dined on Keller Bay Trout and Greens that were pulled from Marks Garden.  He has an extensive garden with all kinds of vegetables growing on his property adjacent to the Bay.  He has quite the setup and a green thumb.  I am jealous.  After dinner we all told stories while Danny and Mark tied flies.     

Sunday Morning

After the morning rituals of espressos, coffee, kolachies and breakfast tacos, we headed out again. Did I say we were roughing it?    NO, Marks place was awesome and he took care of us. 

Three of us went to Keller and the other three went to the Research Road shoreline.  The wind was strong once again but today it was out of the south east.  We figured Keller would be protected but it was more out of the south and giving us grief when it picked up to about 15 or 20.  Bruce managed 4 keepers, John had one and I only found small ones.  The other group did not find the fish they were looking for at their location.

We all headed home on Sunday afternoon having made new friends, found some fish and told lots of stories.  We will be back to Keller again soon.  But first we will visit Powderhorn Lake in 4 days…for a 3 day adventure with PACK…  

Wow…. I love PACK trips….

Brad V