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Thursday, June 27, 2013
Trip Report South Llano River June 22, 2013
By Jim R @ 1:03 PM :: 2053 Views

    On Thursday, June 20, 2013 Barry and I left Houston around 9 a.m. and drove to Junction arriving, after a few stops, around 3:30.  After checking in at the Legends Motel we drove to the Flat Rock crossing and fished for a few hours.  We caught a good number of small blue gill and other pan fish species along with a few small Guadalupe Bass.  We then drove back in to Junction, met up with Eli, John S and Garland and had a nice dinner at Isaacs Restaurant.  Later that night Greg C. arrived.

    The next morning, Friday, those who had arrived the day before launched at the 2nd crossing at highway 377.  We paddled into a strong headwind, up stream and fished our way up to the Llano Falls. We all caught some fish and Barry caught some very nice Guadalupe Bass.  Although we made it to the falls just fine, it was a pretty tough trip.  In addition to paddling up stream into the wind, it was necessary to portage the kayaks several times but the effort paid off when we got to the falls which were spectacular as always.  We all had a refreshing swim at the base of the falls and then made the trip back to the launch spot, fishing as we drifted; although, we did have to line our kayaks down the rapids on several occasions.  Additionally, Greg, Barry and Eli had their licenses checked by the Game Warden who appeared out of nowhere in a very remote area and was amazed that someone Greg's age was able to be out paddling and fishing (more on this latter).  After a quick stop at our rooms, we met up with Will and his wife Sheryl, Tom Anderson and his wife, Ken Moffett, and Michael and Meridith Harris for dinner.  After explaining how grueling the trip up stream had been, most everyone decided an easier float would be preferable for Saturday.

    Saturday morning the group, having now been joined by Glenn and Candice, met at the Legends, had a short meeting and then traveled to the bridge at KC 150 to view what would be the take out spot.  Eli, Michael, Meridith and Ken decided to make the trip back up to the falls.  After viewing the take out spot at the bridge, the group headed to the first bridge and launched the kayaks.  Everyone eventually made it down to the take out spot at the KC150 bridge and Will and Sheryl were able to make the float twice.  Everyone seemed to catch fish as they floated.  Although, we had a nice drift down the river there seemed to be more traffic on the river than usual.  There were several groups of canoes and several very large groups of kayaks which passed through members of our group as they were fishing.  During the float down, I met up with the Game Warden who told me he had been amazed at Greg's age when he checked Greg's license the day before. He asked me how old Greg is and I gave him an estimated age which the game warden said did not match up with Greg's license.  He suggested Greg check his license to confirm his birthday.

    Saturday night we all met for dinner; although, Glenn and Candice had left for San Antonio.  At dinner, I suggested Greg check his fishing license as the game warden suggested and when he did he found his birthday to be 1914!  No wonder the game warden was so impressed with Greg-he probably does not come across too may 99 year olds paddling down the river!

    Sunday morning the group got up and began the drive home.  Will and Sheryl stayed to float the river from the State Park to Flat Rock Crossing.

    Once again we say great scenery but the canoe, kayak traffic on the river on Saturday was unpleasant to me.  We caught plenty of fish but the numbers were down some than in previous years in my opinion possibly due to recent rains and/or increased traffic on the river. The group also broke several rods and at least one was lost entirely in one of the rapids. Nevertheless, we made the best of the somewhat disappointing hand we had been dealt, all came back in fairly good shape and had another fine trip to the Texas Hill Country.

comment By flytired @ Friday, July 26, 2013 6:21 AM
Regarding the rod lost in the rapids: Through a series of miracles the rod was found and returned to me, by mail. The Boy Scouts found it, their scoutmaster (all of them from Midland) remembered our brief conversation, called REI in Houston (where I had rented the kayak) and the rental desk left me a message asking if I had lost some fishing equipment. I went to the store, was given a note left for me, called the number for the scoutmaster, identified my rod, and he mailed it back to me! Don't give up hope that there are honest people out there.

comment By flytired @ Friday, July 26, 2013 6:26 AM
Regarding my age of 99: when Academy issued my fishing license they entered the expiration date of my driver's license which is 12/05/14. The expiration date is right below the DOB - check your fishing license. I'm renewing mine wit this same date to keep those game wardens amazed.