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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
PACKTX Trip Report
By Ken J @ 11:36 AM :: 1546 Views
Panther Point – October 17-19, 2014

Thirteen guys and gals boarded the Skimmer mother ship in Fulton Harbor on Oct 17th for PACK’s annual Panther Point fishing and camping trip.

Good weather was forecast for the weekend and everyone was looking forward to a fun weekend of fishing, camping and camaraderie. The weekend did not disappoint!

Capt. Jay Tarkington piloted the Skimmer to Panther Point and was able to unload us right at our camping location…..didn’t even have to get in the water to take off gear and kayaks. A light SW breeze was blowing so camp setup was easy and quick.

Most folks headed off on Friday afternoon to fish all around the area. The water was clear and fish could be seen and sometimes enticed to hit a lure. Quite a few fish were caught and plenty were available for eating on Friday and Saturday nights. A clear night allowed plenty of star gazing for the late nighters.

Saturday was another good weather day with the wind shifting to the SE. Rain clouds were visible all around but no rain fell on us during the day. A spectacular sunset was seen on Saturday. Pictures appear to have been photoshopped but weren’t….the sunset was unusually orange and dramatic. Sunday was the windiest day of the weekend with a stiff E wind, but again, no rain.

Group meals were not planned for the weekend but that didn’t stop some of the guys from preparing gourmet meals in the evenings. Smells around camp included blackened and fried fish, steaks, rice/beans and other tasty items. For the lesser cooks in the group, there were plenty of cans of beef stew and freeze dried delicacies.

Some highlights from the weekend were:
- lots of 13” and larger trout were caught on the Matagorda Island shoreline.
- redfish were caught with several longer than 25”
- John F had a sleigh ride from a black drum while fishing the mouth of one of the marshes
- Joel B caught a slam that included a “flying” flounder that completely cleared the water during the fight
- one group of anglers were wadefishing in the marsh on the NW side of Panther Lake and spotted an alligator. After getting back in their kayaks, they threw a topwater near the alligator and it followed the bait back towards their kayaks. (video available for proof!)
- one angler left a flounder on the stringer Friday night and found only the head left the next morning. Seems we had a raccoon visiting the camp during the night.
- deer were seen on the island
- there were only a few powerboats in the area during the weekend
- two of the kayaks developed leaks during the weekend which reminded us to have a patch kit available for future trips.

Overall, a very good trip for the club with lots of interest for a return trip.

Will H