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Friday, October 9, 2015
Panther Point Trip Report
By bvaltierra @ 9:35 AM :: 1435 Views

On Wednesday before the Trip, Will H. informed me that he would not be able to make the trip and needed a substitute Trip leader…. OH Hell….   He had a wonderful excuse… His daughter was having a baby on Monday in Oklahoma.  I believed his story so he gave me the cash he had collected to pay Captain Tommy and he was off the hook….  His daughter and new baby boy (Sam) are doing fine.  Congratulations Grandpa Will.     

Substitute Trip Leader Log:

Eleven adventure seekers set sail on the Skimmer from Fulton on Friday morning headed to their primitive camping site on Panther Point Peninsula on Matagorda Island.  If you are viewing on google maps these are the coordinates: 28.208304, -96.700628 to search.  We had two new members on the trip, Steve and his son Daven.  They are both long-time friends and fishing buddies of mine.  We also had two guests, my nephews Jeriah (18) and Ezekiel (13).   

The skimmer headed directly into the North wind on our journey to the island.   We landed and began setting up camp before our fishing adventures.   My nephews and I started out with tent pitching instructions on shell.  We used 2 foot stakes instead of filling grocery bags with shells and then burying the bags.  This was used by some of our seasoned Panther Point visitors…but not necessary if your tent is loaded down and you have 2 foot stakes. So I have learned.  The Next step for the nephews was to get familiar with kayaking.   After 15 minutes in the Hobie Revolutions they had it down and were ready for fishing.  We and others headed out and found lots of biting flies that would distract us from the never ending bite of dink trout.  John caught dinner for 6 of us with a tournament size Red and a keeper trout.  I added a trout to the pot.  During the afternoon the wind died down and so did the flies….  Of course fishing pants helped tremendously.  Always pack some kind of pants to ward off airborne predators on the land and jelly fish in the water.

The group hit the usual spots where the trout have been over the years and they were there.  I was able to give pointers to my nephews on not reeling the fish all the way to the top of the rod because it is impossible to net them when they are 6 feet up the rod…. Haha.  We had lots of trout to practice catching and netting.  Together my nephews caught a variety of fish…. They caught a big Lady fish, a gafftopsail catfish, and several dink trout on day one.  On the second day Jeriah landed a 20” flounder and a 24” red.  He was the big fish master of the day in our group.   I managed to get 4 nice trout.

The Friday sunset was accompanied by a variety of meals which included: Mountain House meals in a bag, Cold Chicken, Shish-a-bobs and Chicken and Sausage Gumbo provided by Blaine.  Blaine brought enough Gumbo to feed all the campers and he had left-overs. It was great and saved me from pulling out Mr. Coleman to feed the hungry nephews. 

Several of us stayed up and surveyed the sky loaded with stars carefully watching for a moving light that was tagged by the group as aircraft, satellite, shooting star, or UFO.  We then repeated the viewing party but had a fire to keep us entertained and smelling like we had been bbq’d. The nights started out slightly warm to dang right chilly in the middle of the night… the mornings were cool and refreshing….

Saturday started off breezy but the island provided protection if you fished in Panther Lake or out in front of the camp.  Lots of us fished in front of camp and had luck with dink trout keeper trout.   Joel caught a keeper trout from his lawn chair next to his tent cot.  Greg hooked fish on his fly rod that he later shortened accidentally.  On Saturday night some of us dined on blackend redfish and spanish rice…

Blain had his paddle board out again this year and did pretty good even though he forgot his seat.  It was a kneeling board for this trip.  Not to be confused with a knee boarding trip.

We were greeted by a flounder man on Saturday night.  The single manned boat scoured every inch of shoreline in front of and in back of Panther Point.  Gary Z caught and released fish both days until Steve told him to keep some for the trip home….. He obliged and several of us had ice and fish for the way home.

The Skimmer returned as scheduled to pick us up and was delayed due to its encounter with the sand bar.  Several of use pushed the monster boat off the sand bar and waded to the deep area so the capitan could find the optimal spot to land… We loaded up and headed home.

Another awesome trip to the island was had by me, my nephews, and my PACK friends……   

Brad V (Substitute Trip Leader)