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Sunday, December 10, 2017
Update, 9 days and counting PACK Christmas / Holiday Party
By mullet_key @ 1:42 PM :: 518 Views

The party will be held the 3rd Tuesday of December (same date and location as the meetings). . Best thing to do is register yourself on the PACK Event page, then email me [ ] how many are joining you and what you want to bring. Below the Registration / Food List table is example is a list of non-food items we can use too. We'll get the rest.

Also, let's stick with tradition, bring a favorite (and successful) for the lure bag "Give-Away", I am requesting volunteers for the following fun tasks:
1.) Establish a Budget for Door Prizes, 2.) Buy the Door Prizes from Speakers and PACK Supporting Vendors (Ken Jennings knows the Speakers who are also Retail)
3.) Photo Contest Selection Committee (at least 2-3 of you) 4.) Obtain 8 x 10 prints of 10 chosen photos
5.) Affix photos to a presentation board 6.) Put board on easel for show

P.A.C.K. Christmas / Holiday / End of Year Party - Headcount and Food Stuffs
Name Ct Bringing

John Stagerwald & Guest 2 Mac & Cheese
Chris Arceneaux & Guest 2 SmokedBoudin
Blake Colburn & Guest 2? Dessert
Barry Sandler 2 Paper Plates and plastic cutlery
Brad Valtieria 2 Smoked Turkey
Blaine Tamplain 2 Ham
Mike Smalley 2 Brisket
(So that takes care of a lot of meat)
To help round out the spread: Can use salads, vegetable side dishes and the items below

Need: - Cups / Bowls
Ice Chests (borrow) - Napkins Plastic - Table Cloths - Recycle bins or buckets - Recycle Signs - Trash Cans and Liners

I will update with the list every few days. We only have 2 weeks!!

Photo board - Way to label the photos double-sided Sticky back or corner holder 8x10's of select photos
Easel for photo board - Mood Lights, Lamps on borrowed bar stools
Name Tags - Sharpies - Raffle tickets - Goody-Bag to hold lures
Music?? Thanks!!

Chris Arceneaux 2017 president