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Thursday, April 26, 2018
PACK Meeting May 15 Topic: "Dry Ice - is it Right for Me?"
By mullet_key @ 3:33 PM :: 559 Views
Hats off to Ken Jennings for lining up our speakers. Sometimes, and just rarely, are our speakers unable to join us on their scheduled date and must postpone. So, lets here from you!

What are your experiences with dry ice (not the Halloween Party effects) for keeping, food and drinks colder longer, or fish chilled for 2-3 days? Did it work? What would make it better? email me at

I will trawl through the different YouTube videos and Dry Ice makers and take my first stab at it before we go to Matagorda Island May 4-6 and report back to you. We will also conduct a demonstration at the May 15th Meeting. See you then!! Chris Arceneaux 2018 PACK Prez.

Oh, and somehow we skipped "Fishing Reports" last week at April's meeting. Lets' have some fishing reports, 2 months and running. Send me or Michael Emshoff photos so I can have them on the Big Screen!! CA