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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Heath Hipple, last night's meeting speaker and trip updates
By mullet_key @ 1:51 PM :: 792 Views

Thanks again to Heath Hipple, owner of Bugg's Lures [] for his lure presentation and new developments. Health also provided some useful tips to fishing with Buggs as provided by Jared Esley, Galveston Area Kayak Fishing Guide  [ ] 210-508-6470  One of Jared's Tips:  Keep your kayak organized. Less Clutter = Less Noise.  Hmm, I needed to hear that one...

Trip Update:  New Trip - Multiday trip for retired guys or guys who will play hooky from work. Check the PACK Events Page for Port Aransas Monday 10/16 to Wednesday 10/10. This trip is set up by Louis Messina and Bill Leary.

Panther Point, Weekend of Oct 21. We have 3-4 spots open on the M/V Skimmer due to a few cancellations and some folks making their own travel arrangements one day early.  Sign up or get with me. Chris Arceneaux 832-216-2483