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Tuesday, July 9, 2019
DOYOUVUDU - I'll share more with you at our meeting in one week...
By mullet_key @ 4:15 PM :: 106 Views
PACK Meeting - Tuesday 7/16 (full moon, so fishing the night before or on Wednesday)  Meet us for BBQ at Goode Co. 8911 Katy Freeway before the meeting.

Speaker - Nicole Carrillo with the local TPWD office. So have your questions ready.

Buy, Sell, & Trade.  I have an anchor to sell and a couple of bait buckets for you to give to your grandkids. Bring your stuff Tuesday.

I think we have a safety topic, but we don't have a Show and Tell.  How do you make a soft plastic jig tandem that won't tangle??  I know if you have one Speck on, it's sister is all fired up to find what's for lunch.

Trip reports, good or bad. You can just give a general area and what you threw if you don't want to give out your honey-hole.   Meeting:  6:30 pm at 1414 Wirt Rd. See ya!  Chris