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Wednesday, July 31, 2019
PACK Jersey, time is running out
By mullet_key @ 5:16 PM :: 95 Views
You're thinking, man, I sure would kayak fish in style, and those jerseys I see every now and then look cool, where can I get mine??

So just for you, in the next few days, Brad Valtierra is placing an order for P.A.C.K. Jerseys with sponsor logos, our fishing destination and ...your name! Go to this link for the details and click on "Enroll for this Event" to get your name in.       45 Dollars ya'll, tournament quality and comfortable.  Pay Brad using PayPal to (preferred) or pay him with a check a the next meeting.  Brad will need your size and what name you want to use.  See ya, Chris Arceneaux 2019 PACK Pres

And the PACK Tournament is still Sept. 7th with new kayak fishing prize gear contributors from BassPro, Sealect Designs, VuDu Lures and more! Go to the Events Page to sign up!