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Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Additional / Bonus catagory provided in PACK Tourney: Blackjack Red
By mullet_key @ 11:23 AM :: 118 Views
This went out to all Registered Contestants, Now emailing via PACK News.

We just added Blackjack Red as an additional opportunity to come away with a prize.  Below is an excerpt from the Rules, as provided in the Events Page of the tournament. The forecast looks great. If you are a member, just [Enroll] on the PACK Events Page, if you are not a member, join to compete. Tell your friends, two days left to sign up!

New Division / New Opportunity to Win.  In honor of P.A.C.K.'s 21st Year we have:

Blackjack Red:  This is a bonus fish, the fish closest to, but not exceeding 21 inches earns the winner a prize selection after 1st Place Heaviest Flounder Award.  Good Luck, Chris Arceneaux; 2019 PACK Pres & Tournament Chair