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Tuesday, November 26, 2019
PACK Holiday Party 12/17 - Pot Luck and items list
By mullet_key @ 6:31 PM :: 165 Views

Getting close...  Hope all of you are celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family.  We've started a list at our last meeting. We have the following:

Meat:   Blake's Special Meatloaf - Blake Colburn; Brisket - Michael Smalley; BBQ Chicken - Chris Arceneaux

Veggies:  None yet, need some, like green beans, veggie tray, cranberries, peas, cabbage, greens, sweet potato (you get it)

Salads: None yet, don't forget some dressing

Drinks: None yet, soft drinks, tea, water, spiced apple cider???

Table Arrangements:  None yet

Utensils:  None yet.  Plastic cutlery, paper plates (the good ones), napkins, table covering, table decorations.

Dessert:  Cheesecake - Blake C.  1-2 more

Contact me directly so I can update the list.    832-216-2483  (email or text; I won't remember a phone call if I'm driving).  Appreciate you!!