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Monday, September 10, 2007
Trip Report Turtle Bay - September 8, 2007
By SightCast @ 7:08 AM :: 1368 Views

The Pack Armada turned out in force.  Twenty-five Members and Guest turned out.  One Member came all the way from Oklahoma to make the outing.  The Armada launched in two groups, the first launched at 4:30 am and paddled over to the second marsh about 2 miles from the launch point.  The second group launched at 6:30 am and made there way to the infamous culvert, and first marsh which is about 100 yards from the launch point.  The culvert became a challenge in trying to get thru it.  High tide had made access almost impossible, leaving only about 2 feet of head space to squeeze through about 10 yards, everyone including the oversize boys had to get as low as they could to make it thru.  It was a challenge but all made it.  Both marsh's were full a bait, but the fish weren't biting.  Only five keeper reds were strung along with one legal trout.  Reds were everywhere in the marsh but weren't taking the top waters we were offering.  The weather couldn't have been better.  Wind was out of the SE @ 5 mph.  At one point all were wishing for a little rain because of the heat of the day.  At the end of the day, the tide was still coming in; the culvert became a bigger problem for all.  The passage space was even smaller.  Everyone made it, but we did have one yak turtle in the culvert.  The tide pushed the yak with JB hanging on back into the marsh.  JB made it thru on his second try.  His waterproof VHF radio did not survive the dunking. 

It was a beautiful day; everyone had a good time.  Next time we will try fishing the marsh on a falling tide instead of a rising tide.  The fish won this day by giving all the fin.

Tight Lines
Ken J