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Tuesday, December 15, 2020
December Update
By Mr. B @ 8:49 PM :: 216 Views

Well, we just wrapped up a very good December meeting with Jared Easley as our guest speaker. If those of you who missed it Jared gave a lot of good information and hopefully all will be able to put it to use and have more success on the water. If anyone is looking for a guided Kayak fishing trip hit Jared up. We will have his info up on the website or you can reach out to him at his webpage Meet Your Guide – Tails and Scales Galveston kayak fishing and he also has youtube videos up.

We voted on next years leadership members for the Group and it will basically stay the same with a slight change

Blaine Tamplain - President

Chris Arceneaux - Vice President

Eli Rivera - Treasurer 

Ryan Woods - Secretary

Another issue we touched on was the Dog Island Project The Dog Island Project ( which we have been discussing with Bill Balboa for some time and we have discussed in past meetings with some members interested. We would like for our current members if you are interested in becoming involved in this project to please send us your name as we would like to put together a team or group of participants. We will get with Bill and have you all in communication with him to assist in his developing the island. I am thinking perhaps once we have a team of interested people you all can perhaps vote on who would be best to lead the group and be the point person in communicating back and forth with Bill and between the group members and keeping the PACK group updated. You can send your name to me or Chris and we will compile them.

Finally, since this is December and we had our last meeting of the year I want to thank all of our members and even non-members who have shown interest in the group, the speakers who have come and talked to us this year, and sponsors for our kayak tournament.

I cannot say thank you enough to Chris Arceneaux, Eli Rivera, and Michael Emshoff for their help throughout this crazy year. Things would not have gone off as smoothly without them. Especially since it was my first year being President. I would also like to say a very big thank you to all those who stepped up and were trip leaders and provided us with some very good trips this year. Again hats off to all of you. 

Next month's meeting will not have a guest speaker as we will try again to set in place upcoming trips for next year as well as trip leaders so between now and then try to think of possible trips you would like to see and let's get some trip leaders in place as well. 

I think this year we have been lucky and I am not aware of anyone in the group who was hit hard by the covid virus. It's still out there so stay safe.

In closing again I want to thank everyone and hoping for some more normalcy in the coming 2021 year where we can hopefully get back to our BBQ and live in-person meetings at the Sosa Center and putting on our always great Christmas Party.  Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Blaine Tamplain