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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Cedar Bayou Trip Report, Sept 21 - 23, 2007
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Cedar Bayou Trip Report, Sept 21 - 23 2007

The Cedar Bayou trip turned out great! I wish everyone could have made it. We left the dock fairly certain that the tropical weather was not going to develop and head towards Texas.

On Friday nine PACK members boarded the Rockport Skimmer and headed off to Cedar Bayou, the water levels were very high and we took a short cut through the bay instead of via the Intercoastal canal which seemed to cut down the trip length considerably.
I decided to fish the surf completely on this trip. The surf was sandy to clear inshore and blue just offshore. Birds could be seen working some part of the surf pretty much constantly throughout the weekend.
The weather was probably the most significant item of the weekend, no mosquitoes, cool temperatures, no rain, no heat for the most part, and light winds. I don’t think better weather will ever be had on a PACK outing!
The surf held trout and redfish, at times the fishing was slow and at times it was fast and furious. It seemed if you kept waking up and down the beach you would eventually find the fish. Buzz Black and Ron Romeis caught trout after trout on Saturday evening and even spotted a large Bull shark swimming in the same school. Ron R. made fried trout in his jet boil and it turned out excellent! Everyone needs to eat fresh fried trout, it was spectacular.
I tried to land some larger fish by putting out crab, whole croaker, and mullet on wire leaders with no luck. I then tried free lining mullet and surprise every mullet I had produced a trout or redfish, many were undersized trout and rat reds, but I did land 2 20-inch reds and one fat 24-inch red. I did hook up with something large and it broke off before I could see it. I believe the water was clear enough that the fish could see the wire leaders.
The guys coming from the boat traffic on the bayou seemed to bring their bait buckets with mullet and left with stringers of reds and trout pretty consistently.
The surf had lots of mullet at times and dense schools of mullet were seen migrating down the beach.
Eric Thompson paddled the entire bayou back into Mosquito Bay and found reds along the way. Sunday morning Eric T. worked the surf and landed many trout most of which were dinks, while watching sharks feed nearly all morning in front of him.
Buzz B. said he paddled out to Mesquite Bay and it was quiet till he found trout in a spot  where he had previously landed fish.
Lots of big stingrays were in the bayou and on the beach. Adam Nelsien spotted several large water moccasins in the bayou while catching several redfish, two reds running over 20-inches, which provided his dinner on Saturday evening.
The bayou is almost silted in before getting to the ocean and that may have impacted fishing from previous years, however, while waiting for the boat, Bob Roseing and Michael Emshoff land a large redfish and trout.
The bait of the day for surf trout was red plastics, although gulps seemed to work well. Once again everyone had a great trip.
Frank Canneto
While Frank was fishing the surf, almost exclusively, other PACK members were fishing Cedar Bayou which is a large bayou connecting the Gulf to Mesquite Bay.
When we arrived on Friday, it was quickly apparent the water in the bayou was stained and that the water clarity was not as good as in years past. This condition remained in most all of the locations we fished over the course of the weekend and may have been caused by the mouth of Cedar Bayou at the Gulf being silted in which prevents the exchange of water from the Gulf into and out of the bay. Additionally, the steady moving water in the bayou, caused by the bayou being a conduit to the Gulf, did not exist as a result of the bayou being blocked at the mouth where the bayou connects to the Gulf.
On both Friday and Saturday we had a slow outgoing tide which, when coupled with the water clarity, made the fishing fairly tough. Nevertheless, some keeper Reds and Trout were caught; although, most of them were released. Wind was not a factor as it was just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away. Plastic Tails seemed to be the most effective baits in colors such as pink and chartreuse. Bob Roesing successfully used a chartreuse Bass Assassin with a paddle tail for much of the trip and was using that bait when he caught and released a 27 inch Red and a 21 inch Trout on the trip to our pickup point on Sunday. Michael Emshoff used a gold DOA shrimp for much of the weekend and was using it when he caught several slot Reds on Saturday. Adam Nelsien was using a “trout rig” when he caught two slot reds on Friday afternoon.
While fishing conditions in Cedar Bayou were not up to those of past trips we did have a great adventure packing our gear in and out of camp and had great weather and spectacular surf fishing all of which made for an enjoyable weekend.
Jim Richards