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Wednesday, July 14, 2021
Swap Meeting
By Mr. B @ 8:27 PM :: 249 Views

Just wanted to send a bit of quick info. 

Remember this coming PACK Meeting will be a swap meet at the Sosa center so if you have baits, gear, etc you wish to swap or trade or sell then please bring it. Let's try to be sensible also and not show up and bring a kayak into the center. Look forward to seeing folks Tuesday night.

On another quick note, I would like to ask members to please take a look and see if you are current on your dues and if not to please get up to date. Also same on the Waiver. We have tried to make it all as easy and painless as can be over the older method.  Really don't want to get to the point where have to start saying someone cannot participate because of not taking care of a few simple items. 

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