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Saturday, September 11, 2021
Baffin Bay Oct 2 - 4
By Yakety_Yak @ 4:34 PM :: 81 Views

Just a quick update and a few notes.....

1.  If you haven't updated your membership, please do so before the trip (and the waiver if you haven't done that already).

2.  If you haven't signed up for this trip yet but are thinking about it, jump on it.  It's not too late.  This is a rare opportunity that has presented itself being that we are able to pass through Yarborough Pass.  Usually the pass is unpassable.  

3.  Be sure you have a 4wd or riding with someone that has one.  The beach is 2wd friendly but the 50 - 70 yards through the pass isn't.  You can drive down to the pass on the beach but you will need to get with someone before hand that can get your kayak through the pass each day.  Please make those arrangements prior to going on this trip so that you won't be disappointed at the last second if you don't have a way through the pass.

4.  We will camp on the beach side each night.  Details are posted on the PACK site under the event.

5.  You will want to invest into a VHF radio for this trip.  If you don't have one, you probably should when kayak fishing.  If you need suggestions on what type/style/brand to buy, hit me up.  I am happy to help.  832-588-7091

6.  Most of the people fishing this trip will be there all three days but you are not required to stay the entire time.  If you have to be at work on Monday the 4th, you can jump off of the water early on Sunday and head back to Houston.  

7.  I will be watching the weather and will make sure things are legit for this trip.  I'll be putting out a follow up message the Wednesday prior to the trip to let people know if things look good or not.  I don't want people driving the long haul only to find out the weather/winds did a number on us and we have to turn around and go home.  I want to try and be sure that we have a great trip with optimal weather/conditions.

Tight lines!