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Friday, October 29, 2021
Board Member Openings
By Mr. B @ 6:53 PM :: 253 Views

All we are heading into November and I just wanted to send out a quick message. We currently have 3 positions that need filling within the club. President, Vice President, and Secretary. 

If you have interest in these positions please submit your name to the current board. If we have multiple people for each position we will have an election to determine the new board members. 

Would like to have names before our November meeting 

Also, just an update after speaking with the Sosa Center we are all good for having Christmas Party, and if we wish it can be pot luck as we have had in the past. I will speak with the other board members and come up with a plan but for now, consider that our Annual Christmas Party will happen at our normally scheduled 3rd Tuesday of December time slot. If you know of anyone that might be willing to donate some giveaways for the party would be great. The more stuff we have to give away the better. 

Look forward to hearing from you all soon

Tight Lines 

Blaine Tamplain