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Wednesday, November 17, 2021
2021 Christmas Party
By Mr. B @ 1:24 PM :: 186 Views

All with regard to our Christmas Party which is back on again I am sending out this email blast to get a head start on things as it will be necessary to try to get things done ahead of time and not last minute. I know we are a month out but the sooner the better.

The party is open to active members in good standing and family.  

We are currently working on a spreadsheet or other that we might be able to put on google drive possibly for you to be able to access and sign up with regard to what you are bringing. We will need a selection of things from Appetizers, Main courses, Salads, Desserts, Drinks (Sorry no alcohol allowed). Once we get the sheet going will notify you. If you have an idea of what you would like to bring you can always send an email response and we will note it. We might have to ask some people to alter or change depending on responses as we don't want to end up with 30 desserts or 30 salads and possibly short on other items. By no means are you required to bring a dish only if you choose to. We welcome you regardless to come enjoy. 

Key right now is for those who plan on attending to please get back to me if you are attending and if you are bringing family members with you so I can get some sort of semi-accurate account of the number of people to expect. This will help greatly in the planning and making sure we have enough for all. 

The Party will be on December 21st which is the same as our usual Pack Meeting date at the Sosa Community Center. It will commence around 7 PM. I will get something up on the Events page soon with all the info. 

The center does not have any restrictions at this time so if you feel the need to wear a mask that is fine and optional for each person.

Thank you all and look forward to hearing from you. 

Blaine Tamplain