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Sunday, December 19, 2021
Christmas Party
By Mr. B @ 10:06 PM :: 205 Views

Last update on the party and my last official email as PACK President. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday night in the Auditorium. 

This year we did not have the big stash of raffle prizes that we have had in years past. We have about 10 or 12 raffles. There will be a table and we ask that only club members go to get a ticket so they will be eligible for the drawings. Will probably need someone to man the table at first so hopefully we can get a volunteer or two to help out. We, Will, figure out the drawing as the evening gets underway. 

Set up and Pick Up will be required so would appreciate it if a few folks would be able to come a little earlier than our 6:30 start time to help set up tables and chairs as well as help pick up and return the place back to normal once we are done. This would be much appreciated. 

For beverages, I have unsweetened tea, water, and cokes. Remember we cannot leave food, drinks at the center so if you have stuff leftover at the end of the evening make sure you have a way to carry it out.

Lastly, as we all know the virus, etc is still out there and we are trying not to let it stop life and things we like to do. We will set up a bunch of tables to give folks space but not so much that we are hollering at one and other to make conversation. Masks are not a requirement but if you feel more comfortable wearing one then by all means do so and if you do not wish to wear one ok as well. We do ask though that if you are not feeling well before the party and if the symptoms might be something along the lines of the flu, etc then please think and consider whether you should attend.  

See you all Tuesday evening

Blaine Tamplain