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Monday, December 27, 2021
End of Year Update
By Mr. B @ 10:56 PM :: 233 Views

So just a few quick bits of info. 

With regard to Covid we have one of our members who is having a rough go of it with the Virus. I don't know which version they have and it's not important. The only thing important is asking that you please if you can keep them in your prayers and well wishes. We hope to see them recover soon and get back out on the water. 

We also may have had a possible exposure during the Christmas Party. There is no way for us to know for sure but one of the attendees at the party came down ill a few days after the party and was tested which came out positive. We don't know if his exposure was before, during the party, or after.  They had a few rough days but are doing well now. Again do not know which version. Just wanted to update all so they can keep on the lookout if you start to feel ill and think you may have it then please go get checked and tested. Also please update me or one of the other board members so we can keep track. It's a good chance if you have not had any ill feelings by now then you may be in the clear but still be aware of it just in case. There is still a lot of unknown about the new variant. 

I won't put out any names on a public forum due to privacy. Just wanted to update all. 

With regard to next month's meeting as of right now, it is still going forward but Michael Emshoff and the new board will take over at the beginning of the year and will keep you all updated. Much will be decided by the Sosa Center if they decide to start shutting things down again for a while. At this time that is not the case. If it comes to that Michael can decide if he wishes to cancel or go to Zoom, etc. 

Not exactly the last message I was planning to send out before the end of the year but I still hope all had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year.

Its been a great 2 years as president and have enjoyed my time. I hope I was able to bring some helpful content to the club and keep it going during some crazy times. I had help from many different people so it was not a one-man show but a group effort.  It went by really quickly but everyone is in good hands going forward.

Again please be safe, have a Happy New Year.

Signing Off and Tight Lines

Blaine Tamplain