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Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Pat Gardner, speaker Nov 11…RECAP
By memonk0730 @ 1:01 PM :: 367 Views
Speaker Patrick Gardner, East Matagorda Bay Guide, specializing in wadefishing for BIG speckled trout.

Michael opened the meeting, discussed having the holiday party catered, vs pot-luck. The objective is to “give back” to the members since we didn’t have tournament prizes.

Patrick Gardener, introduced by his stepdad Marvin Monk, discusses E. Matty with his buddy guides, feels that big trout move into the shallows the few days before a full moon and new moon. Has less confidence finding fish during and right after a full moon. He thinks trout are bigger in East, because of the lack of sharks and dolphin (present in West) West good for reds, especially in the river diversion when it’s cold and the water is blown out. Wades in knee to thigh deep water. Yes, the mud can be deep. Winter is the ideal time to find and land that personal best trout.

Contrary to what you may have heard, Pat says the best bite is two days before a frontal passage, not the day before. Tighten down that drag, throw your best long cast, twitch your lure and keep some tension on your line to feel that bite on the drop. Faster lighter quality rods are best. Pat favors bait casters over spinners. 20# test braid. Fluoro leader.

Presentation is critical to attracting gator trout. They’re smart but catchable if the fisherman doesn’t make noise and is stealthy when wading or kayaking.

Handling big trout is important. Keep them in the water as much as possible. Don’t be in a big hurry to net them. Let them tire so that they are easy to handle. Pat wade fishes without a net. He waits for the fish to turn on its side before handling it. Take your photo and get it back in the water. Big trout are better left to breed than be on a dinner table.

He will do some full moon night fishing with his better, experienced clients. Asked about lures, he mentioned Corky’s and bending the nose down a little. Lil John’s are also a favorite. But definitely check your leader and lure out after landing a strong fish. He likes Gamakatsu treble hooks. Super Spook XL’s too. On colors, he likes silver and gold glitter. Black at night.

If you’d like to fish with Pat, his phone number is 281-755-6971.