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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Panther Point Trip Report October, 19-21, 2007
By brbjr @ 3:14 PM :: 1307 Views

Panther Point Trip Report October, 19-21, 2007

The Panther Point crew, led by Frank Canneto converge on the Mid Matagorda Island bay shoreline on Panther Point made famous by Rudy Grigar "Plugger" in his book by the same name. 11 of the PACK members left from the Fulton Marina on the tour boat "Skimmer" piloted by the Capt. Tommy Moore. The rest ferried their kayaks and gear from Charlies Bait Camp in 3 power boats, one being Dick & Lisa's well-known Grocery Skiff. Campsites were quickly established and the fishing started Friday afternoon.

Attendees returned with their catches to steak fajitas and margaritas on the rocks. Trout of mixed sizes were located mainly on the southern shoreline near marsh outfalls. Reds were found in the back canals and up against the grassy shoreline. One or two +28" reds were landed. Mike M. tagged a bull on light tackle that towed him for 30 minutes before being brought to the boga grip. There was some tide movement but the water levels were elevated due to mainly SE winds. Reds could be heard back in the marsh crashing finger mullet.

Biting bugs: Zero. Temperatures during the weekend, warm but tolerable. Sunrises and Sunsets were just spectacular. Bruce and Andrew headed out to one of the larger and more active marsh cuts a few miles from the campsite. He ferried other fishermen there Saturday afternoon. We only saw about 6 PB's and one airboat the entire weekend.
Tired and hungry fishermen we greeted to homemade seafood gumbo that included fresh chunks of redfish, just caught fried trout, fries and new twist on primative camping, whole fish on the grill. Once cooked, the skin (scales and all) were tossed aside and the tasty fillets were raked onto the plates with a butter and garlic sauce. There was only one "OOOPS!" as we were doing a head count during dinner. Bruce fired up his boat to retrieve the fishermen he dropped off earler.
Stories were swapped till late at night under a full starlit sky. All caught fish. As usual, some a few more than others. Jig heads with pink or red & white tout tails seemed to be most successfull in the green, slightly cloudy bay water. Live bait was fished too. Fubar showed us his bait after 30 trout landed. A little chewed up at least. The "Skimmer" gang returned to the mainland about 3 and loaded up to head home with memories and fillets to fry. Panther Point, always one of the best outings! MK