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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Bolivar "Hilton" Trip Report, November 9 - 11, 2007
By SightCast @ 7:34 AM :: 1443 Views

This years Boliver "Hilton" trip was one of the best ever! The fishing, food, and "entertainment" all came together for a wonderful time. The weather was absolutely beautiful the whole time.

Buzz was first on the water Friday morning at eight. He started fishing across the intercoastal waterway across from Stingeree Marina. But after almost getting run over by powerboats, he went to the safety of the marsh where he slaughtered the fish, catching at least 3 slams (including 9 flounder). Joel got there about 1 and got one nice red.

Friday night dinner was terrific if I say so myself. Joel provided brisket and Buzz brought a delicious broccoli, potato and cheese cassarole.

Saturday morning started out a beautiful day, with almost no wind, tempered only by a plague of tiny gnats (no see-ums) in the marsh that were so thick, it was hard to breath without inhaling them. After a few hours, they dissapated, thank God. Most people caught fish. Betty , Brad and Paul caught a flounder (Paul fished near the Boliver ferry),  and Fritz and Dennis had 5 nice flounder and numerous small ones at Laguna Harbor. Buzz found schools of reds in the back lake, but only managed to spook them. Later he found a honey hole and was joined by Joel (thats me!) using live bait. I caught 7 slot reds there, and one earlier in the day. I also caught the biggest stingray of my life at the mouth of the marsh. Bruce, of course had a slam.

Saturday nights dinner was outstanding. Ron and I made fried fish, Fritz made okra stew (with okra grown in his own garden) and Dennis made his famous signature apple cobbler with vanilla icecream on top! It doesn't get no better than this! And did I mention the garlic bread?

Our after-dinner entertainment was provided by new PACK member Brad, (a semi-professional photographer) who bravely photographed two skunks raiding the garbage bin in front of the beach house, while the rrest of us cheered from the safety of the balcony. Some cheered for Brad. Some cheered for the skunks. It was great!

Sunday morning, most people headed back early. Paul returned to the ferry to catch 4 more flounder, and Bruce headed to the back lake where he got his limit of reds, and later a small trout and nice flounder for ANOTHER slam.  I hoped for a repeat of Saturday's honey hole, but after several hours of bait stealers, I decided to call it a day. I noticed that the tide had really picked up, and about 150 feet from Saturday's honey hole, I found the MOTHER OF ALL HONEY HOLES. For the next two hours I pulled 20 slot reds and about 6 undersize reds from the same spot, using dead shrimp on the bottom. Finally, with the fish still biting, I had to leave to get  back to the house to clean up. It was one of the best fishing days of my life.

I want to thank everyone who participated, and ESPECIALLY for helping to clean the house before leaving!  Joel Berry

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