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Tuesday, March 5, 2019
March 30. Aransas Pass 3rd Annual Kayak Meet & Greet details
By mullet_key @ 7:55 PM :: 385 Views
From Justin Stiles - Slowride Guide Service:  We are excited to announce the 3rd annual Kayak Meet & Greet. Everyone had a great time at the previous two events, We're all looking forward to the event coming up Saturday March 30.  At the Meet & Greet, a lot of kayakers are able to come together and make new friends and fishing partners.

Starting at 6:30 am, we will set up a tent and check-in table. The organizers will NOT be providing food this event so pack a cooler with good stuff to eat. We will have a cooler of water to share. Once we have everything set up and ready to launch, we will leave as a group to disperse into the flats/marsh area. I will be paddling around making my way to everyone getting videos and pictures. For anyone with questions or concerns please feel free to message me for additional information. (See contact info below)

Aransas Pass: Aquatic Center it's a small launch we will have to launch in small groups and we will set up tents in the parking lot!

Gear:  Kayak, paddle, anchor, life vest, fishing rods/tackle, water.

NEED A KAYAK???   Please contact Dean or Carrie at Slowride Guide Service in Aransas Pass
(361-758-0463) they will drop the kayak off at the location. Its $40 for a half day rental includes kayak, vest, paddle, anchor, crate. They will pick up the kayaks at the end of the event. Recommended that you book in advance.

Please keep in mind that it is important to pick up any and all wrappers and containers you bring. If you want to bring a trash bag and help pick up afterwards you're more then welcome. Keeping our Texas kayak launch sites clean is important!!!!

Drinking?!?!?!   We do not mind you drinking alcohol but please do not consume before heading out or while on the water. After the event is fine. If you plan on drinking please assure you have a designated driver!!  For any additional information please feel free to message me on Facebook:
[] or send me a email at: