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Thursday, December 17, 2020
December Pack Meeting (Video)
By AggieWoods7222 @ 7:59 PM :: 168 Views

Hey guys, there was a pretty good turnout for our December meeting this Tuesday, but if you missed it, there is a video up on youtube if you would like to see it. There are also some timestamps and talking points included below about some of the key DOs and DON'Ts that Jared talked about in regards to winter fishing for redfish and trout.  Ryan Woods, 2021 PACK Secretary



Zoom Meeting Breakdown (time stamps) --> Click Here For Full Meeting
0:00-12:12 - Pre Meeting Talk
12:13- 13:54 - Current PACK positions
13:55 - 17:25 - Fishing Reports
17:26 - 25:57 - Dog Island recon info
25:58 - 32:40 - Jared's list of Don'ts
32:41 - 41:43 - Winter Tactics (Redfish)
41:44 - 47:49 - Flounder Tactics
47:50 -50:47 - Other Tips
50:48 -52:00 - Tackle
52:01 - 55:45- Tandem Rig/ Jared's yak and gear
55:46 - 57:30- Jared's Favorite Rods/reel preference
57:31-59:39 -  Jared's Ideal Kayak/leader preference
59:40 -1:02:50 - Final Words
1:02:51 - 1:03:43 - Comments on Blake's "preparedness"
1:03:44 - 1:05:13 - Meeting Wrap-up/ prep for next meeting

Jared's Pro Tips (Scales and Tales Guide Service) - 
Keep moving - marsh fishing is similar to hunting, the fish are going to move and give themselves away (tailing, mud clouds). 
* Use the wind to your advantage - get the wind and your back and make a drift with the wind at your back. DO NOT paddle/peddle through the area you are going to fish; take your time.
*DO NOT Overpack - The more stuff you bring, the more stuff you can break. Be light, quick, and efficient on the water. You don't need much gear to be successful.

Winter Tactics (for Redfish specifically)
*Pay Attention to the tides - If it is a low tide, keep track of where there is and isn't water. Use this info for the low winter tides. The fish will likely be stacked in the deeper lakes and channels. A 4" depth change can make a huge difference
*You Do Not Need To Wake Up Early - There is no need to suffer in the 35-degree mornings. Let the weather and the fish heat up, because that is when the fish will start to become more active.
* Downsize - Popping corks can be deadly, but a downsized paddle tail of baitfish imitation lure is extremely effective. The fishing will either be on fire or dead quiet. There is rarely any in-between.
*Shorelines - There are fish on the shorelines, but the more quality fish will be in the middle of the lakes
*Lures and Retrieve - Keep the lure off the bottom. Working (bouncing) a lure is effective, but not necessary. Reaction speeds of fish are quick, so burning a lure across the water can be very effective, with the exception of winter. A few productive baits include; paddle tail, gulp, topwater, popping cork, spinnerbait, tandem rig.

Flounder Fishing Tips
* Retrieve - There is no need to bounce the lure. A straight retrieve appears more natural to a flounder and is how Jared has caught all his flounder this year. You might lose a bit more fish, but it allows more coverage of water and better efficiency on the water
*Flounder Explosion - Flounder will hit a baitfish straight up in the air, which is different from a redfish strike. This is the most obvious sign that there are flounder in the area
*Flounder have left the marsh according to Jared's recent observations
* Tandem Rigs - Tandem rigs are extremely effective 

*Crab Walk - dangling feet over the edge allows for complete control of the vessel and allows for fishing at your own pace
*Do Not Start FIshing Immediately - look for bait, tails, mud stirs, bait FLIPPING (not jumping), crawlers before you start fishing. Finding these fish can be a needle in a haystack
*Make a trip log - Redfish are predictable, so remember previous trips and draw parallels to increase your catch
* Fish the Back Lakes - The lakes hold quality fish compared to the shorelines. Essentially, there is quality in the middle, quantity on the shorelines
* Lures - The 4 main lures Jared uses are paddletails (with a 1/4oz jighead), topwater (she-dog and hunchbacks), popping cork (with a gulp), and a spinnerbait (redfish magic). 
* Kayak Selection  - any kayak is better than no kayak, but long, narrow kayaks are great for being efficient and covering distance
* Leader - Leader is not necessary, especially in Galveston and oftentimes, straight braid will work perfectly
*Challenge Yourself - Go to different areas and explore new areas. Doing so will make you a better angler. Most days are going to be windy, so sometimes you will have to just suck it up and go, because some of the best days are the ones with the roughest weather. Try using a new technique and get out of your comfort zones.
* Be Open to learning new things - Every trip presents different scenarios, so take everything in and learn!

Meeting Duration ~ 1hour, 10 minutes
Attendance (from what I could see) --22 members
-Ryan Woods
-Blaine Tamplain
-Blake Colburn
-Chris Arceneaux
-Brad Valtiera
-Gary Burns
-Steve Smith
-Dave Garza
-Bruce Brehens
-Eric Richardson 
-Jared Easley
-Ken Overshiner
-Stephen Ruth...
-Bob Tippie
-Mike (MiCool) Smalley
-Charles Emmott
-Richard McGonigle
-David Swales
-Chase Carvantes
-Troy Guffy
- Chance Clark & one other unidentified attendee