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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
PAC (Pointe Aux Chenes)
By Yakety_Yak @ 8:57 PM :: 188 Views

Gentlemen, if you were not at the PACK meeting tonight, you missed out.  I talked to everyone that was in attendance about doing Pointe Aux Chenes again.  There was a good number of people that showed interest.  With that being said, the dates I am looking to do this trip are as such:  Arriving on Monday, July 12th around lunch and fish half the day (It's approximately a 6 hr trip).  Fishing on Tuesday, July 13th all day.  This day though you can either fish the marsh right across from the launch or do as I am going to do and that is to have the PAC company mother ship me out to a far marsh.  The trip is $75 a person.  On Wednesday, July 14th, you can either do the mother ship trip again or simply fish the marsh across from the marina.  We will head back on Thursday, July 15th back to Houston, Texas.  

I need to know who is in for these dates (July 12th - 15th), so I can get payment from everyone and book the place to stay.  The place is booking fast so I would need to know something sooner than later.  Please text/call me if interested.  I would like to get a head count by the end of Friday (if not sooner).  Cost will be determined by the amount of people going.