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Matagorda Island WMA
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Start Date/Time: Thursday, June 17, 2021 7:00 AM
End Date/Time: Sunday, June 20, 2021 12:00 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
Weekend / Intermediate Skill
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Trip Initiator: Michael Smalley

**Trip was rained and blown out.**  New Dates  17-20 June, nothing else changes ***

Trip Description:  This is a 4 or 3 DAY Trip

This is being set up as a 4 day trip since last year very few people opted for 3 day.  Van will support both options if the numbers work out but we are going to be limited to 16 in total so that he can support us returning on Sunday.  The 4-day trip is starting on the morning of Thursday 17 June - and returning on Sunday  20 June. Meet up at Clarks Marina in Port O'Connor the morning of Thursday June 17 at 6:30 am to start loading at 6:30 am on the first run and loading at 9 am for the second round.  I suspect the same time schedule for the Friday launch as well if required Please send me Mike Smalley a personal message if you would like to leave on Friday.  I will assume that everyone who signs up is going on the 4 day trip unless I hear otherwise.  I will reach out to everyone for confirmation.

Everyone will be required to have a current signed waiver on file or signed and printed to provide to the trip leader the day of departure. If you are not a PACK Member please also include $5 per person/per waiver. This is not an option no waiver no trip

Locating lodging the night before on Wednesday or Thursday is a possibility.

Limited Public Use Permit Required

All adults are supposed to have an ACCESS PERMIT to camp at the Bay side camp ground. 

Per the website:  A Limited Public Use Permit (LPU) or an Annual Public Hunting Lands Permit (APH) is required for all persons camping at the bayside picnic shelters. Camping permits are waived for deer hunters participating in the special lottery deer hunts, for waterfowl and dove hunters participating in scheduled hunts, and for youth under 17, who must be accompanied by a permitted adult.

This has been a heated topic in past but it is required by the TPWL. If you have had it before it will show up when you renew your license on the system. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the people at Academy to pull it  up but it is available. They normally have to access it from the main computer where they print up the license since the register locations seem to struggle to find it. We have never been checked but it is technically required. 


Take bay boat guides / shuttle trips from Port O'Connor to the old state park camp ground. Set up camp and fish. This is a primitive trip. We can bring ice chests and cook stoves but there is no running water. And only island vegetation for bathrooms.

Space is limited to 16 on the bay-boat transport so you must reserve a spot in advance. Four people plus kayaks and gear will be transported at a time / per bay boat.

Please limit what you bring to essential kayak, fishing & camping gear, food & water. Your kayak should be empty except for rods, reels or perhaps a paddle and life jacket. The use of dry bags will help with the organized bay-boat packing. Again we wish to stress to try to limit gear as the last couple of years the amount of gear has increased dramatically and takes up a lot of valuable space on the shuttle boats. Less gear less time loading and unloading.

Planning on using two boats, two runs each. Shuttle fee is $60 each (subject to change as arrangements are finalized). 

Participants paddling or sailing on their own will be registered too, participant number will reflect both methods of transportation. 


How to Sign Up:

If you want to go, login, and click the [Enroll for this Event] link on the top of this page to automatically have your name added to the list. This is one of the premium trips and fills up fast so sign up to avoid disappointment. It is assumed that everyone is signing up for the 4 day trip. Please send an email to the organizer if you want to sign up for the 3 day trip.

We will be sending an email to arrange for payment and ask that it is paid on or before the April meeting to reserve your spot.  After the April meeting those that have not paid will be removed from the list to open it up for other participants, first paid gets signed up.  If the trip is cancelled for any reason and cannot be re-scheduled everyone will be refunded.  However, no refunds for individual cancelations or if you cannot make the rescheduled trip, it is the participants responsibility to find a replacement and organize payment amongst themselves. This is necessary to provide full payment to the guides services and relieves the burden from the club and organizer. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

How to Get There:

It's the "Inn at Clarks"

Clarks Marina

Address: 701 Commerce St, Port O'Connor, TX 77982

Phone(361) 983-2300

Parking is 5$ per vehicle

What to Pack/Bring:

 How about a TENT and make sure it has the correct POLES!??

***** MOSQUITO ALERT!!! MOSQUITO ALERT!!!***** Last year the mosquitos were not very bad but year before they were ferocious so bring plenty of spray and a head net was nice to have.  Maybe some insecticide to spray your tent as well.  Do not use a mosquito coil in a tent!!!  Hopefully they will not be out in force this year but it is better to be prepared.

See Standard PACK List for items to consider for any PACK outing

Important items:

§  VHF Radio for communication and emergency contact

§  First Aid Kit 

§  Tent, tarp & line for the shelters if you like, HEY LOOK A TENT??? AND POLES???

§  3-4 days of food & water, snacks  


Recommended guidelines for participates:

  • Make sure trip leader or an officer has your emergency contact
  • Notify the trip leader if you have any potential concerns
  • If inexperienced, then buddy up. Make sure the trip leader knows your experience level
  • Communicate with the trip leader, if you are unsure of your skill level required
  • Member dues and waiver are current !!!!
  • Guests are invited to participate
  • Have performed deep water entries
  • Carry a first aid kit 
  • Have a life jacket
  • Have a VHF radio
  • Dry bags for critical gear, keys, electronics
  • Inform the trip leader of your float plan if planning to fish alone or longer then the designated times.

Fishing Options:

Matagorda Island offers outstanding kayak, wade and surf fishing opportunities without crowds. Prime fishing areas are the Army Hole, Pringle Lake, and Lighthouse Cove on the northern side of the island. On previous trips we often saw good stringers taken from directly in front of the camp area. There is a lot of grass and good hard bottom for wading. Stingrays can be plentiful so bring your guards. The surf is another option but the island beach is 2 miles from the boat dock and camping area.

PACK Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month  at 6:30pm at Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road,  Houston, TX. Three (3) exceptions, all due to early voting at the Center:  Feb. 11th same place & time, May; at Sea Center Texas, (date & time to be announced); October 11th, same time and place.




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PACK Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month  at 6:30pm at Trini Mendenhall Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road,  Houston, TX.