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Thursday, April 22, 2021
April PACK Meeting Overview
By DeadliestCatcher @ 3:17 PM :: 65 Views

     Hey guys, if yall missed yesterday’s meeting, I have posted the meeting online as usual (CLICK HERE to view) with timestamps included below for major talking points throughout the meeting. Our speaker, Bill Rodney didn’t show, so most of the discussion pertained to upcoming trips, change in insurance, fishing reports, and other club info.


Meeting Summary

  • New Insurance - United States Canoe Association. (USCA)

    • We are no longer with the ACA and have switched over to the United States Canoe Association (USCA)

    • PACK Fees will be raised to 25$ to cover the increased cost of insurance, but members of PACK will NOT have to register with the USCA, unlike what we previously had to do with the ACA. (You can join if you want for 20$, but it is not necessary)

    • We will come up with a new waiver (provided by the USCA) and will have to have 1 waiver on file per year per member, and it will likely be shared via google docs in the near future

    • Nothing is set in stone, but for more major trips, members that enroll for a trip will have to be a club member to be able to go on the trip. 

    • Amount of USCA Coverage:  The USCA Insurance Program is underwritten by the Sports Division |K&K Insurance Group, Inc. Specialty Insurance Consultants, LLC will serve as the agent/broker for the USCA Insurance Program. AUSCA advisor will make sure USCA requirements are met.The USCA policy has a $1,000,000 Per Occurrence general liability with an additional  $2,000,000 Per Occurrence excess liability. There is a General Aggregate of $5,000,000 Per Event.

  • Return to Normal PACK Meetings

    • The goal is to try and be in the Sosa Center by the June PACK meeting and a possible hybrid meeting of in-person and zoom meeting(s) could be utilized, although it would depend on the technological capabilities available to us.

    • Masks and some sort of distancing are still required by the Center.

  • Dog Island Project (more info)

    • They are moving forward with the project at this point and if you are interested, contact Chris or Blaine.

    • Van can take 7 people max, and they plan on developing the island for researchers. We (PACK) are going to help develop beachheads, camping, and kayak trails. This will allow for special privileges to fish there for PACK.

  • Texas Fly Fishers speaker

    • April 27th at 7 pm - they will have a speaker talking about the extent of the freeze on our gulf coast fishery. The link is on their website for the zoom and it should be on the events page. 

  • Upcoming Trips (soonest at the top of the list)



32:00 - Official meeting information starts - insurance discussion

36:22 - Discussion over requirements for joining a trip in the future

39:40 - What the insurance is for (discussion) (Chris was lagging, so I have included more info below)

43:50 - Possible return to normal meetings/barbeque

45:00 - Dog Island

49:48 - Texas Flyfishers has a biologist speaking about the Freeze 

52:30 - First Chain Of Islands Report

54:38 - Matagorta LCR Report

56:08 - Upcoming Trips

56:47 - Matagorda Island Information

1:03:33 - Blake’s BTB (bob hall) trip

1:04:20 - Ride the Bull

1:08:40 - End of Meeting & post-meeting discussion

1:09:50 - Fly tying group


  • Previous 2021 Meetings
    • (March) -
    • (February) -
    • (January) -
  • Meeting Duration 1:16:00
  • Members that attended
    • Ryan W.
    • Blaine T.
    • Dave G.
    • Chris A.
    • Jim R.
    • Eli R.
    • Brad V.
    • Marvin M.
    • MiCool S.
    • Troy
    • Craig
    • Marcos


Have a great day,

          Ryan W.