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Wednesday, May 19, 2021
May PACK Meeting Overview
By DeadliestCatcher @ 8:50 PM :: 181 Views

May PACK Meeting Overview

Hello guys, as usual, our monthly meeting has been recorded (May 2021) and outlined with key talking points listed below with timestamps. In this meeting, we discussed fishing reports, upcoming trips, and other club affairs. Our guest speaker, Nick, is from Fishing Tackle Unlimited and he discussed the upcoming sampler sales event, Saltwater Survival Series tournament, and other points regarding kayaks, kayak gear, and modifications. >>Click Here<< to view the entire video.

Meeting Summary:

  • Fishing Reports
    • Night Fishing at Tiki Island and Lake Como has been on fire in recent weeks and limits of both trout and redfish have been caught.
  • Upcoming Trips
    • Baffin Bay - has been rescheduled due to high winds
    • Matagorda Island - trip has been rescheduled due to bad weather
    • Bob Hall Beyond the Breakers - is 2.5 weeks away (June 5th) and complete info can be found on TKF. There will also be a zoom regarding this trip if you have any questions that will be held on May 25th.
    • Freeport/Drum Bay trip is still a go if the weather cooperates. There have been reports of redfish in the back lakes with some flounder and trout scattered around the shell in deeper portions of the bayou. Some pre-fishing was done this past Saturday and there were fish to be caught.
    • Lake Como Night Fishing (July 10th) - night fishing has been awesome the past few weeks.
    • Ride the Bull
    • Point Aux Chenes - this trip was proposed by Blake C. and if you have any interest you can let him know. It will be about 50$ a day per person and you can take a mothership for 75$ deep into the marsh to some incredible fishing areas.
  • Future PACK Meetings
    • We will be having regular in-person meetings at the Sosa Center starting June 15th and the pre-meeting at Goode Company BBQ will resume like normal.
    • Masks will be required
  • Speaker discussion points
    • Upcoming Events
      • Salesman Sample Sale - at this event, you can find discounted items ranging from fishing to hunting to camping. Both old and new lure companies showcase their products and the lines to get in/check out can get very crazy, so plan accordingly. There will also be a 10% off storewide FTU sale (exclusions may apply). This will be located at the Fishing Tackle Unlimited on the Gulf Freeway.
      • Saltwater Survival Series (May 29th) - It is a 4 trout stringer event with side pots and will be hosted at the sunset lounge at San Leon Texas. All of the Texas gulf coast (except for surf fishing) is available to fish.
    • Hobie Lynx - this a newly released kayak by Hobie that weighs only 45lbs and is reminiscent of a paddleboard-kayak hybrid that would appeal mainly to fly-fishermen and excel in shallow water applications. It comes equipped with an MD-180 drive that is slightly different from other mirage drives.
    • New/Innovative kayak gear
      • Yak Gadget - they make a cool item that is a cheaper alternative to a power pole that is string operated and can be used in conjunction with a traditional stakeout stick. They also sell tackle crates, phone holders, etc.
      • Berley Pro - They make some great keel/stern guards to protect your kayak as well as fishfinder visors, transducer mounts, 360 lights, etc.
      • VoltaLithium - creating a lithium battery similar to the Dakota Lithium battery.
      • Pham Lights - these are 360 lights created by David Pham who makes one hell of a light. I have seen them before and they are very bright.
      • Texas Power Paddle - they are innovators in electric kayak motors that fit on most kayak rudders. They also make a motor that fits within the Hobie guardian plate.

Meeting Time Stamps:

0:00 Meeting Starts

7:12 - New Members

9:22 Fishing Reports

10:00 - Upcoming fishing trips (Baffin)

10:17 - Matagorda Trip Info

12:44 - Bob Hall Pier Beyond the Breakers

13:55 - Freeport/Drum Bay

14:25 - Lake Como

15:45 - Future Meetings in the Sosa Center.

18:30 - Blakes Point Aux Chenes trip details (Blake Coulburn)

26:20 - Guest Speaker from FTU

28:30 - Sampler Sale

30:32 - Saltwater Survival Series

32:00 - Hobie Lynx Discussion

43:30 - Hobie change-of-ownership discussion

45:40 - New Kayak Gear

59:48 - Other discussion about kayak stocking dates, kayak resale, etc.

1:01:55 - Hobie ownership and stock turbo fins/180 drive discussion

1:06:43 - Meeting begins to come to a close

1:13:04 - meeting close and final words about the Bob Hall BTB trip

Previous 2021 Meetings:

Meeting Duration:

  • 1:16:57

Participants: 27

  • Ryan W.
  • Blake C.
  • Blaine T.
  • Brad V.
  • Bruce B.
  • Steve S.
  • Coach's Corner?
  • Mike W.
  • Ken O.
  • Troy
  • Chris A.
  • mHolbrook
  • Bill
  • MiCool S.
  • Mike O.
  • spsvjdc?
  • Joel B.
  • Gary B.
  • Mike M.
  • CW Ross
  • Steve C.
  • iPhone?
  • Dave G.
  • William
  • Jim R.
  • Marcos E.
  • Nick (Guest Speaker)


Have a great day, Ryan W