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Sunday, September 26, 2021
September 2021 Meeting Overview
By DeadliestCatcher @ 12:51 PM :: 239 Views

Hey all, If you missed the meeting, here are a few key points from our speaker, Danno Wise, this past Tuesday. To see the full video, >Click Here<. Below are some timestamps and key points that Danno touched on during the meeting as well as some basic club information. 

Meeting Summary

  • Upcoming Trips
    • Baffin Bay -Blake’s plan is to leave for Baffin after work friday, stay the night and fish through Saturday, Sunday, and half of Monday, then head back on Monday. As far as the pass, it might be possible to pass it with a 2 wheel drive, but be very cautious since getting stuck is about an $800 tow fee. Redfish and trout have been good, trout have been a bit slower. IF the north winds continue, camping will likely be on the bayside side of the pass. Water supply is also contaminated on the island, so don't get water from there unless you plan on boiling it.
    • Point Comfort - still looks good. Lots of marshes to explore and lots of reds to catch there.
    • Panther point - 12 signed up (as of the meeting), 10 of which are going with Van. The weather looks good so far and payments can be made via Paypal or check to Ken B.
  • Danno's talking points
    • Fishing this time of the year - Big trout seem to have taken less of a hit from the freeze in the Lower Laguna Madre (LLM).  Redfish are schooling in the bay and the big bulls can be found at the jetties along with a good amount of mangrove snapper. There are still some kingfish and Spanish mackerel off the jetties.
    •  Group Housing and Accommodations 
      • Mansfield offers a lot of rental houses on the bay (getaway lodge). Not many motels and condos. They also have an RV park
      • Port Isabel doesn't have much, but White Sands is a basic motel/marina for fishermen with a restaurant
      • South Padre has condos, beach houses, and lodging on the bay, but it tends to be pricier.
    • Red Snapper - Boca Chica has some of the closest scattered debris (sunken by TPWD) about 1.5 - 2 miles out. There is also lots of debris off of South Padre Island that can hold year-round snapper. 
    • Tarpon - The majority of tarpon fishing is on the beach and on the jetty. Juvenile tarpon (25-30lb) stay year-round, and during the winter, they will stay in the Brownsville Ship Channel and Arroyo Colorado. The big ones (125-200lb) show up between April/May until the first hard cold fronts. Mansfield Jetty also offers a good tarpon population, but they don't seem to be as big. If you are looking for a guide, Brian Barrera is one of the best for tarpon fishing.
    • The fly rod state record trout was caught along the spoil islands that run the middle of the bay, which is an easy paddle from Holly Beach and Port Isabel.
    • South Bay is one of the few places where you can find shell in the LLM and it has a great snook population, along with other inshore species like redfish, trout, and black drum.
    • Wade Fishing -  The west side of the bay will be softer and muddier, the east side will be hard-packed sand. There is also a sandbar along the highway 100 road that is hard-packed sand great for wading.
    • Lures - DOA shrimp both freelined and under a cork are popular options here. Smaller, lower pitch topwaters are preferred for this area like a superspook JR. The doa weedless topwater is also a good option for when the floating grass is bad (Note -it does require a hard hookset). 3-4” paddle tails are also popular with lighter 1/16-⅛ oz jigheads
    • Leader - Fluorocarbon does help with the clearer water down there and light leader is also preferred. Fluoro is especially important with tarpon. There isn't much shell, so with the exception of snook mouths, abrasion isn't an issue.
    • Snook - There are always snook in the ship channel, but in spring they move into the bay and around the Jetty. You can use the same lures you would use for trout and reds. In the ship channel, you can use ½ - 1 oz jig heads to target the deeper snook.
    • Photography - Canon DSLR bodies and Canon mirrorless  (inexpensive) are preferred since they get beat up and constantly exposed to saltwater. Pay attention to conditions: if it is rough, using a monopod or tripod for some stabilization. As far as angles and points of interest, don't try and set up the shot, but rather look through the viewfinder and focus on the fish, not the person. Have the person look at the fish instead of the camera, which makes for some awesome, natural shots.
    • Beachfront Fishing - This time of year, there are mainly tarpon, sharks, and bull reds. Pompanos tend to run during the winter. Early in the summer, the Smacks begin to show up along with trout and redfish.

Timestamps (

0:00 - Pre-Meeting Talk

13:45 - Meeting Starts

17:15 - Upcoming Trips (Baffin)

20:25 - Point Comfort

21:25 - Panther Point

25:00 - Speaker starts discussion

28:00 - Trip Accommodations

30:25 - Limits on LLM and Red Snapper

32:15 - Tarpon

37:05 - ***The lay of the land/water*** (I found this very informative)

44:00 - Wade Fishing

45:10 - lures to throw

46:50 - Fly Information

49:05 - Leader

51:00 - Snook

54:50 - Photography

1:02:30 - Snapper Spots, Kingfish, Ling, and Bonita

1:07:25 - SpaceX

1:08:30 - Brian Barrera

1:10:15 - Writing story and Fishing Book

1:13:20 - Birding and Waterfowl

1:16:35 - Food 

1:18:30 - Artificial Lures

1:21:35 - Beach Front

1:24:30 - Post Meeting talk


To check out Some of Danno’s work, check out Texas Outdoors Journal, Texas Outdoors News, Instagram, American Fly Fishing, or his website.


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-Ryan W